Lotherton Estate invites its visitors to embark on an extraordinary adventure this summer, granting them a unique and intimate encounter with the majestic resident red deer that have called the Aberford estate their home since the 1980s. The estate boasts a splendid deer park, lovingly maintained to accommodate the 45-strong herd, led by the awe-inspiring stag affectionately known as Teddy.

As part of a brand new initiative during the school summer holidays, guests can partake in tractor-trailer tours expertly guided by the estate’s staff, venturing deep into the picturesque park and immersing themselves amidst the graceful deer. During these tours, visitors gain invaluable insights into the lives and habitat of these magnificent animals, fostering a deeper appreciation for their existence.

Mark Scott, the general estate manager at Lotherton, expressed his excitement about the venture, having prepared extensively with a newly crafted custom-built trailer for the past week. The close and personal experience with the deer is a rare treat for visitors, drawing an overwhelmingly positive response. Mark and his team are thrilled to share the daily experiences they have while caring for the deer with the public.

The red deer, the largest species of deer in the UK, can grow to an impressive weight of 225kg and live up to 18 years. Among them resides Teddy, the lone stag, accompanied by approximately 45 hinds, or female deer. Teddy stands out with his imposing antlers, which can stretch over a meter in width and weigh as much as 15kg. These antlers play a vital role during the Autumn breeding season, known as the rut when male deer employ them in formidable clashes to vie for the attention of females.

The post-breeding season sees the arrival of adorable calves, born with spotted coats to camouflage them from potential predators. At Lotherton, the caring mothers nurture their offspring until they are strong enough to thrive independently. Subsequently, these calves find new homes in various farms and parks.

Tractor tours of the enchanting deer park are available throughout the summer holidays, from Monday to Friday, providing ample opportunities for visitors to marvel at the grace and beauty of the red deer in their natural habitat.

Beyond the red deer herd, Lotherton Estate takes pride in the conservation efforts for various other species. The estate houses Chilean flamingos, critically endangered Visayan warty pigs, and Arthur, the endearing tapir, all residing within the estate’s spectacular Wildlife World attraction.

With such an enriching and immersive experience awaiting, Lotherton Estate promises an unforgettable summer adventure for nature enthusiasts and families alike.