In a recent court hearing at Leeds Crown Court on July 31, a man from Batley Carr, Dewsbury, named Jason Grundell, was given an extended prison sentence of 17 years after being found guilty of two counts of rape. The 34-year-old was convicted in a five-day trial held in June for the abhorrent rape offences committed in January and March of the year 2020.

Following the incident, a third party reported the offences to the police in March 2020, leading to Grundell’s subsequent arrest.

The authorities conducted a thorough investigation into the matter, which ultimately resulted in Grundell being charged and convicted for his heinous actions.

DC David Sherlock, a dedicated Kirklees Police safeguarding detective, said: “We welcome the jury’s verdict and the judges sentence in this case.
“Grundell committed truly abhorrent offences against a highly vulnerable adult victim and that has been reflected in the extended sentence he has been given by the courts.”

He added: “I would like the thank the victim for her heroic bravery and endurance throughout this investigation and the subsequent court case.

“She was put through unimaginable trauma but co-operated throughout and I hope this sentencing encourages other victims who may not have come forward and reported what has happened to them to contact us and make their voices heard.

“All reports of sexual offending are thoroughly investigated by specialist detectives, and we can promise victims are always listened to and provided with appropriate support.”