Councillor Cathy Scott, the interim Leader of Kirklees Council, has introduced her core team of councillors to drive the organisation forward.

On Monday, 21st August 2023, Cllr Scott designated a Deputy Leader along with eight additional Cabinet Members. This team will be responsible for making crucial determinations regarding local services and spearheading the council’s aspirations for Kirklees.

Cllr Paul Davies has assumed the role of Deputy Leader of the Council, with a focus on aiding residents during the cost-of-living challenges. Moreover, eight other Cabinet Members have taken on specific portfolios to lead essential services.

The Cabinet functions as the primary decision-making entity within the council. It will establish priorities, determine the approach to delivering services to residents, and allocate the authority’s resources.

Cllr Scott said; “There’s no time to waste. I’m cracking on with the job and getting to grips with the things that really matter to people across Kirklees.

“My Cabinet has the right blend of experience and fresh ideas to overcome the challenges we face and improve lives for people across Kirklees. This is a highly motivated team with the interests of residents at their heart. They are every bit as keen as I am to get to work and start delivering for Kirklees.”

Pledging a “fresh start” for Kirklees, Cllr Scott has also outlined her vision for the council and the key priorities that will guide her leadership:

Setting a fair and balanced budget and pressuring the Government for a fairer funding deal for Kirklees during the cost-of-living crisis.

Regenerating our towns and villages.

Being ambitious for our young people and improving Children’s Services.

Delivering a greener Kirklees and leading on the climate emergency.

The Cabinet meet on Monday for the first time to discuss their plans, with further announcements expected in the coming days.

Talking about her approach to leading the council, Cllr Scott said; “Anyone who knows me, knows I’m my own person. I will bring my own style and personality to the job. That means being open with people and telling it like it is. But it also means listening and understanding people’s hopes, ideas and frustrations.

“Above all, I’m passionate about our communities and doing my best for them. I’m driven by my values of fairness and pride in our people and our places. That’s what gets me up in the morning and motivates me in the good times and the bad.

“I’m under no illusions. This is a tough job but I’m a grafter and it’s a huge privilege to work hard on behalf of Kirklees people. With a refreshed and motivated team around me, I’m looking forward to taking on this challenge.”

Kirklees Council’s full Cabinet line-up, portfolios and responsibilities will be as follows:

NameDescription of Portfolio or other responsibility
  Cathy Scott    Acting Leader  
  Paul Davies    Deputy Leader and Corporate  
  Elizabeth Reynolds  Learning and Aspiration  
  Graham Turner  Finance and Regeneration  
  Viv Kendrick  Children’ Services (Statutory responsibility for Children)  
  Masood Ahmed  Housing
  Gwen Lowe  Environment  
  Jackie Ramsey  Health & Social Care (Statutory responsibility for Adults)  
  Mussarat Pervaiz  Communities
Yusra Hussain Culture and Greener