Progress is being made on the efforts to enhance a street at the core of Keighley, thanks to the financial support from the Keighley Towns Fund.

Situated amidst the Airedale Shopping Centre and the market, Low Street stands as a dynamic retail hub. The project to revamp this area has been devised by the Landscape, Design, and Conservation Team of the Bradford Council.

The initial phase of the project was concluded in 2019 at the Church Green extremity of Low Street, and it was met with positive feedback. Commencing this year in late May, the second phase is now underway, covering the stretch from Market Street to Hanover Street. A sum of £505,000 from the Keighley Towns Fund has been allocated for this stage.

Cllr Alex Ross-Shaw, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Regeneration, Planning and Transport, said: “It is great to see the Towns Fund having such a significant impact.  After the first phase of work, we received positive feedback and we’re sure that residents, businesses and visitors will really appreciate this final phase when it is completed.”

Ian Hayfield, Chair of Keighley’s Town Deal Board, said: “The work on Low Street has been going so well and we’re delighted with the progress. It will be a great improvement to an already vibrant part of the town. We’re so pleased to see another Towns Fund project making such a positive difference to Keighley.”

Significant infrastructure modifications are currently in progress. These encompass the introduction of fresh stone paving, new seating arrangements, and updated lighting. Additionally, Market Street will witness the incorporation of supplementary planters and signage. This alteration will serve to narrow the road space and distinctly indicate the area’s pedestrian nature.

Steve Seymour, Manager of the Airedale Shopping Centre, said: “Following on from the first phase of public realm works, the ongoing improvements to Low Street have made a positive difference to the appearance and paths on Low Street and the approach to the centre.

“The new finishes are, in my view, modern yet in keeping with the Yorkshire features and appearance. Once the new lighting and pavement works are completed, it will create a fresh, bright and attractive appearance for the area.”

The enhancement initiatives for Low Street have been systematically executed to minimize disturbances and ensure that businesses can continue their operations unhindered. It is anticipated that the project will be finalised in early Autumn.