Following the resounding success of the initial season, which saw an impressive increase of +35% in individual viewership and a remarkable upsurge of +126% among the 16-34 age group compared to the average viewership for the Monday to Sunday 10pm time slot, Joe Lycett and Channel 4 are set to make a triumphant return to the picturesque banks of Birmingham’s canals. The upcoming escapades are destined to unfold in a brand-new series of Late Night Lycett, scheduled for broadcast in 2024.

During the inaugural series, Joe masterfully orchestrated the gathering of some of the entertainment industry’s most prominent figures in the vibrant locale of Digbeth. Notable guests included luminaries such as Dame Joan Collins, Dame Joanna Lumley, Richard E Grant, Rob Delaney, Jonathan Ross, Judi Love, Alan Carr, Rosie Jones, Gemma Collins, Joel Dommett, Alison Hammond, Munroe Bergdof, David Harewood, Greg James, Daisy May Cooper, and many more.

Broadcasted live and rooted in a spirit of enjoyment and inclusiveness, Late Night Lycett pays homage to the city and its rich tapestry of diversity, thereby catapulting local individuals into the limelight. The inaugural season bore witness to a delightful chaos as celebrities ranging from Natalie Cassidy to Paul Chuckle wreaked havoc in Joe’s neighbourhood convenience store. It also gave birth to a newfound darling of the nation in the form of production trainee Linda Biscuits. Additionally, the season witnessed the spontaneous act of Joe gifting his personal car to a member of the audience. The introduction of the candid and contentious newsreader, Richard Yewtree, added an engaging dimension as he fearlessly challenged prevailing notions.

The forthcoming sequence of six hour-long episodes will be meticulously crafted by the collaborative efforts of Rumpus Media and My Options Were Limited. This new chapter arrives in the wake of the recently announced Late Night Lycett Christmas Special (working title), which is slated for broadcast later this year.

Joe Lycett said: “The first series of Late Night Lycett was the most fun I’ve ever had making TV. From Paul Chuckle destroying my local corner shop to Katherine Ryan being trapped on a floating barge, the whole thing feels like a crazed fever dream. I can’t wait to go bigger and wilder in series two.”

Phil Harris, Head of Entertainment Commissioning at Channel 4, said: “The first series of Late Night Lycett was a blast of classic Channel 4 anarchy while also breaking new ground in live comedy entertainment. We are so proud of this show, and we can’t wait to create more Friday night chaos with Joe, the brilliant team at Rumpus and, of course, Linda Biscuits.”

Tom Beck, Head of Live Events and Commissioning Editor for Entertainment at Channel 4 said: “Joe is a phenomenal talent and a brilliant, bonkers human being – and Late Night Lycett is the perfect reflection of his personality. The first series overflowed with creative joy, balanced with real heart; it was also really bloody funny. I can’t wait to bring it back.”

Steve Handley, Commissioning Editor for Entertainment at Channel 4 said: “I’m utterly thrilled we are returning to Digbeth and can’t wait to see the unpredictable mayhem Joe has planned to top the first series. Will Richard Yewtree return, or will it “finally have been proved”? Will Hardev finally remember which celeb is running his shop? Will Linda Biscuits behave? What will Joe do to top giving away his actual car? Anything can happen and I can’t wait to find out.”

Emily Hudd, Rumpus Media joint Managing Director, said: “We are thrilled that Late Night Lycett will be going live again. To collaborate with Joe is always a dream and we’re hoping to work with more local talent new to the industry again through our trainee scheme.”