Jenna Coleman, known for her roles in “Doctor Who,” “The Cry,” and “The Serpent,” takes on the lead role as novice detective Ember Manning in “The Jetty,” a fresh thriller penned by writer Cat Jones and produced by Firebird Pictures. This announcement was made today by Lindsay Salt, the Director of BBC Drama, during the Edinburgh TV Festival.

Set to be broadcast on BBC One and available on BBC iPlayer, the four-part series unfolds in a picturesque lakeside town in Lancashire, where a fire ravages a holiday home. Detective Ember Manning finds herself tasked with unravelling its connection to a podcast journalist delving into a cold case involving a missing person, as well as an illicit ‘love’ triangle involving a man in his twenties and two underage girls.

Yet, as Ember inches closer to unearthing the truth, the revelations threaten to dismantle her life, compelling her to reassess her understanding of her past, her present, and the town she has always called her home. “The Jetty” is not only a gripping detective thriller but also a tale of personal growth, posing significant inquiries about sexual ethics, identity, and recollection, particularly in the corners that the Me Too movement may have overlooked.

Writer and creator Cat Jones (Harlots, EastEnders, Waterloo Road) says: “I’m thrilled to be making The Jetty for BBC One. Like millions of people all over the world, I’ve grown up loving and admiring BBC dramas, so getting to create one really is a dream come true. The Jetty is a story I’ve wanted to tell for a long time but it wasn’t until it found its champions at the fantastic writer-friendly Firebird, that it really came to life. What feels like a total dream team continues to grow with the addition of Marialy Rivas to direct and the brilliant Jenna Coleman. I’ve no doubt audiences are going to be completely transfixed by her as Ember.”

Jenna Coleman says: “I’m delighted to be returning to the BBC to be a part of The Jetty, with Firebird Pictures at the helm, bringing the story of Ember Manning to life. I look forward to exploring Cat Jones’ darkly probing scripts, alongside Marialy Rivas’ eloquent vision.”

Executive producer Elizabeth Kilgarriff (Bodyguard, The Cry, Luther) says: “Provocative, thrilling and deliciously surprising at every turn, Cat’s beautiful scripts promise to take the audience on a rollercoaster ride where nothing is quite as it seems. To have the opportunity to work with Jenna again – and see her bring our complex, funny and utterly human heroine Ember to life on BBC One, couldn’t be more exciting – and I can’t wait to see the visual magic that the brilliant Marialy Rivas weaves as this powerful and gripping story unfolds.”

Lindsay Salt, Director of BBC Drama, says: “The Jetty is so much more than a crime thriller, and with Cat Jones as writer, Firebird Pictures producing and Jenna in the lead role of Ember Manning, I know we have the perfect team in place to create a truly brilliant, brave series. I can’t wait for BBC viewers to discover its many secrets.”

The Jetty (4 x 60) is produced by Firebird Pictures, one of BBC Studios’ owned production labels. It was written and created by Cat Jones. The director is Marialy Rivas (Young & Wild, Perry Mason, Princesita). The executive producers are Elizabeth Kilgarriff, Sarah Wyatt, Cat Jones, Marialy Rivas, Jenna Coleman and Jo McClellan for the BBC.