On November 29th, 2019, a pivotal event unfolded at Fishmongers’ Hall near London Bridge when a terror attack occurred, bringing together three individuals whose lives would be forever entwined. Darryn Frost, Steven Gallant, and John Crilly found themselves in the midst of the chaos and each played a significant role in stopping the attacker. However, as the media brought their past criminal records and convictions to light, the public’s perception shifted. Could these men, once convicted murderers, truly be regarded as heroes?

A compelling documentary titled “London Bridge: Facing Terror” (working title), produced by Raw and commissioned by Channel 4 Documentaries, delves into the lives of Darryn, Steven, and John. For the first time, they openly share their detailed accounts of the attack and how their past experiences ultimately led them to be present at Fishmongers’ Hall on that fateful day. The film does not shy away from examining the British justice system and its treatment of individuals who have served time for their crimes, raising questions about the efficacy of rehabilitation and the possibility of redemption.

The documentary, led by executive producer Liesel Evans and director Fred Scott, takes viewers on a thought-provoking journey, exploring the complex intertwining of personal history and the pivotal moment that brought these three men together. It also challenges societal perceptions and preconceived notions, prompting viewers to reflect on whether individuals with criminal pasts can genuinely reform and find their path to redemption.

As the film unravels the events of that significant day and delves into the depths of these men’s lives, “London Bridge: Facing Terror” seeks to shed light on the resilience of the human spirit and the potential for transformation, even amidst the shadows of a turbulent past.

Sacha Mirzoeff said: “The sensitivity and respect that Fred, Liesel and the team at Raw have demonstrated to the people involved on the day is what allowed them to dig deeper beyond the few minutes of the attack itself. The powerful testimony of John, Steve and Darryn, the three strangers who came together to help, raises fundamental issues around justice, rehabilitation, punishment and redemption. The result is a highly emotional account that transcends the sensationalism of the current affairs reporting of the day to ask our system uncomfortable questions about who we like to label as heroes and villains and what impact that can have.”

Liesel Evans, Raw Creative Director Factual, added: “We set out to make a film that went beyond the events of the day – to explore the context of what happened and the story of the four lives that converged on that day. I have been so struck by the bravery and thoughtfulness of all of our contributors. Speaking for the first time, they have shown incredible strength and insight, and it’s been a real privilege to work with them on this film. I hope by seeing the film the audience will gain a greater understanding of the complexity of the issues that are raised.”