Residents are cordially invited to participate in shaping the current local rail services and their prospective contribution to the enhancement of West Yorkshire’s economy and the mitigation of the climate crisis.

The forthcoming Calderdale Transport Forum, a public assembly orchestrated by the Calderdale Council, will furnish an opportunity for local inhabitants and entities to express their viewpoints regarding the recently unveiled West Yorkshire Rail Strategy.

Running until Sunday, September 3rd, 2023, the West Yorkshire Combined Authority is actively soliciting input on this strategy. Feedback can also be submitted digitally at

The Calderdale Transport Forum serves as a fresh avenue to gain insights into the forthcoming initiatives for advancing transportation throughout West Yorkshire, ensuring that the perspectives of Calderdale are integral to these plans.

Scheduled for Monday, August 14th, starting from 2pm at the Halifax Town Hall, the event will feature presentations by officials from the Combined Authority focusing on the West Yorkshire Rail Strategy. Subsequently, an open discourse will ensue, enabling individuals to raise queries and offer opinions on the strategy. The viewpoints shared will be relayed to the West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Committee.

Fundamentally, the strategy envisions West Yorkshire achieving global recognition as a hub of robust economic activity, where individuals can establish successful enterprises, careers, and lives, all underpinned by an exceptional environment and world-class infrastructure.

At its core, the strategy underscores the pivotal role of rail systems in realising the region’s long-term aspirations. It advocates for a transition toward more sustainable and efficient modes of travel and freight transport, uniting communities with opportunities, and boosting productivity by expanding labour market access.

To ensure the realisation of these objectives, the West Yorkshire Rail Strategy lays out concrete measures, including augmenting train, track, and station capacity to alleviate congestion, bolster service dependability, and enhance accessibility. Moreover, it seeks to elevate the passenger experience, creating journeys of utmost quality, while forging stronger links with the broader public transportation network. Simultaneously, the strategy is resolute in its commitment to curbing carbon emissions and air pollution.

Cllr Tim Swift, Calderdale Council’s Deputy Leader, said; “The West Yorkshire Rail Strategy plays an important part in Calderdale’s priority to take climate action, and the West Yorkshire Plan’s Calderdale-led mission to help people live sustainable lives. Everyone is welcome to come along to the Calderdale Transport Forum to have their say, and there’s no need to book.

“We champion train travel as a way of making more environmentally-friendly choices and cutting our carbon footprint. Done right, rail services also contribute to thriving towns and reduced inequalities, by helping us get to work, do business and connect to the places and activities we enjoy in our leisure time.

“The Rail Strategy looks ahead to the years leading up to 2050, during which time rail services will have an even bigger role in expanding West Yorkshire’s economy and taking us closer to a zero-carbon future.”