Green Party councillors have expressed their approval for the announcement of secured funding aimed at enhancing a rural road in the vicinity of Steeton, with the intention of mitigating road traffic incidents at a well-known problematic location.

Councillor Caroline Whitaker and Councillor Janet Russell convened with officials from the highways department at Bradford Council to strategise approaches to address hazardous driving conditions at the junction of Barrows Lane and Redcar Lane, situated close to Steeton.

The Council is suggesting an expansion of the road segment governed by the 20mph speed limit. Additionally, they plan to introduce a graduated 30mph limit between the extended zone and the section of road covered by the national speed limit.

Councillor Whitaker remarked, “Local residents have expressed their desire for these changes over a considerable period. The transition from a national speed limit to a 20mph zone was executed quite swiftly. Therefore, extending this zone and introducing a 30mph section in between will effectively reduce driving speeds and subsequently lower the likelihood of further road traffic incidents.”

Over the past few years, this particular road stretch has witnessed numerous accidents, including an instance where a car crashed into a kitchen.

Councillor Russell supplemented, “Certain incidents that have transpired at this location were notably perilous. Fortunately, more severe injuries have been averted thus far. Undoubtedly, excessive speed remains the primary catalyst behind these accidents.

“Green Party councillors have collaborated closely with highways officers to identify a viable solution. I am both content and appreciative that they have succeeded in securing the necessary funds to implement these changes for the welfare of the local residents.”