“Domina” Season II seems to promise an exciting continuation of the historical drama series, focusing on the tumultuous events during the rise of Gaius Octavius, who became the first Emperor of Rome as Caesar Augustus, and his wife Livia Drusilla. The series explores power struggles, political intrigue, and the dynamics within Rome’s Imperial Family during a critical period in Roman history.

In the first season, Livia Drusilla, portrayed by Kasia Smutniak, fought to regain her standing after returning to Rome from exile, and the season delved into her efforts to secure her family’s position in a complex and treacherous environment. Season II picks up the story in 19 BC, with Gaius and Livia returning to Rome to find the city in revolt and facing challenges from within their own family.

The expansion of the cast for Season II, including Benjamin Isaac, Joelle, and David Avery, adds new dimensions to the story. The series aims to provide a rare female perspective on the events of this historical era, offering insights into Livia’s struggle to fulfil her father’s vow to restore the Republic and Democracy to Rome, even as she faces difficult choices and increasing political challenges.

The show’s creator, Simon Burke, has crafted a narrative that promises to continue delivering a mix of intelligence, ambition, and political manoeuvring as Livia navigates the turbulent waters of Roman politics. The series’ historical setting and production details, including filming at Cinecittà Studios in Rome, contribute to its authentic atmosphere.

“Domina” Season II is set to launch on Sky Atlantic and NOW on September 13, 2023, with episodes dropping weekly as double bills. Fans of historical drama and Roman history enthusiasts will likely find this continuation of the series intriguing as it delves deeper into the complexities of power, loyalty, and ambition in ancient Rome.