In a groundbreaking relationship format, E4 is revolutionising conventional dating norms. The channel is challenging six brave individuals to discard the familiar patterns and challenges of modern app-based dating, opting instead for an unconventional and daring approach.

Rejecting the overwhelming array of options, these singles will narrow down their choices to just two candidates. One represents their usual preferences, types, and desires, while the other embodies their deeper and more profound romantic needs.

“Love Triangle,” a 10-episode series with each episode lasting 60 minutes, is produced by Workerbee, a subsidiary of Banijay UK. The show tracks the journey of these singles over 48 hours, during which they interact with their two potential matches exclusively through text messages. As a countermeasure to the negative aspects of contemporary dating, this experiment necessitates that decisions be made without glimpsing the physical appearance of the suitors—photos and selfies are strictly prohibited.

Within this short span of two days, the participants must decide which of their matches could potentially change the course of their lives, all before meeting them on a blind date. A mere day later, the selected individuals, along with their chosen matches, take an extraordinary step by cohabiting. This experience aims to explore the possibilities of their shared future. However, unexpected and gripping twists await, catching both the singles and their suitors off guard.

TWIST #1: Just as the new couples start settling into their newfound love nests, the matches that didn’t make the cut will resurface unexpectedly. The “pickers” must embark on a second blind date with their alternative options.

TWIST #2: During this subsequent blind date, the fresh romantic interest unveils a surprising twist—they will also move into the shared residence, thus forming a complex love triangle.

TWIST #3: After the six singles have spent time dating and getting to know both of their matches, all three parties will cohabit, giving rise to an intriguing LOVE TRIANGLE.

TWIST #4: As the experience concludes, each individual faces a pivotal and emotionally charged decision: they must choose one of their two matches to pursue a potential long-term relationship.

Throughout this experience, as the six participants confront these successive explosive twists, they will be compelled to introspect, reevaluate their decisions, and challenge their perceptions of love. Will alliances shift? Will hearts shatter? And, when confronted with the ultimate dilemma, which of their two matches will they ultimately choose?

Adapted from an Australian concept initially developed by the creators of “Married at First Sight Australia,” this UK adaptation elevates the original, introducing novel aspects and fresh elements tailored for British audiences.

Channel 4 Commissioning Editor, Factual Entertainment, and Commissioning Editor for Married at First Sight UK, Lee McMurray said: “When it comes to romance, most of us have a type we want, who often disappoints; we fail to spot the match we need, who could make us truly happy. Love Triangle puts this modern dating dilemma front and centre, with a trademark E4 twist. I’m confident British audiences will be gripped by this radical rejection of our current looks-based, swipe-right dating culture, as they share the joy, love, heartache and off-the-scale drama of the six brave singles taking part in this unique, distinctive quest for love.”

Ben Mitchell, Workerbee Creative Director, said: “In the superficial world of modern dating, it’s all too easy to swipe away matches who could have been the love of our lives if only we’d given them a chance. In this explosive new format, we’re asking six singles to try a very different approach to finding ‘the one’. The results are surprising, emotional and dramatic. In Love Triangle, there are three sides to every story!”

“Love Triangle” was conceptualized by the creators of “Married at First Sight Australia,” Endemol Shine Australia (a Banijay subsidiary), in collaboration with 9Network. This UK iteration is produced by Workerbee and executive-produced by Charlie Faux and Ben Mitchell. It was commissioned for E4 by Channel 4’s Commissioning Editor for Factual Entertainment, Lee McMurray, and the Head of Youth and Digital, Karl Warner.