The discharge lounge situated at Dewsbury and District Hospital has recently undergone a significant transformation aimed at enhancing the comfort of patients transitioning out of hospital care.

Financed by the Department of Health and Social Care, a generous contribution of £35,000 was allocated to the Mid Yorkshire Teaching NHS Trust. This funding was specifically intended to establish a dedicated area to cater to patients who are ready to be discharged to their homes.

As part of a broader effort to reduce the waiting times for urgent and emergency care, Dewsbury and District Hospital is now one of a collection of forty-two newly established or upgraded discharge lounges nationwide.

Utilising the funding judiciously, the Mid Yorkshire Teaching NHS Trust has meticulously designed a serene environment tailored to alleviate the stress of patients with planned discharges. The lounge serves as a space for processing discharge paperwork, awaiting medications, enjoying refreshments, and arranging transportation to their place of residence.

With a primary focus on the well-being of patients, the room has been adorned with vibrant colours and equipped with roof tiles to foster an open and airy ambience. Thoughtfully chosen and comfortable seating has been integrated, complemented by a call bell system to cater to patients’ needs. For the patients’ entertainment, the lounge is equipped with televisions and radios to help pass the time during the waiting period.

Lyndsey Scaife, Head of Discharge, said; “The discharge lounge is part of the patient’s pathway as they leave hospital care. Therefore, we felt this space needed some attention. The space has now been transformed, and the renovations have brought serenity to patients. We’ve provided a change in environment and a place to process the arrangements needed for their continued recovery.”

One patient who experienced the new lounge commented; “Whilst visiting, I didn’t have to ask for anything. Staff were prepared for my arrival; they help sort my return home. I had no wait, and nothing was a bother for staff.”

Improving the experience for all, friends and family members can also benefit from the refurbishment. The new lounge is being used as a collection point. Having a set space has prevented any confusion or stress, replacing the process of collecting loved ones from hospital wards.

Len Richards, Chief Executive Officer at Mid Yorkshire Teaching NHS Trust commented; “We are honoured to be one of the forty-two hospitals, across the country, to receive this funding. The monies provided have allowed us to create a dedicated area, which can be used to help free up spaces in hospital beds for patients who no longer need to complete their care journey in our wards. The lounge allows patients to be able to wait in a comfortable environment, where they can be looked after and supported in the next steps of their discharge.”