Following the successful debut series on BBC iPlayer and in anticipation of the upcoming second series, the highly acclaimed show “Phoenix Rise” has commenced filming for its third and fourth seasons. This time, the production is underway in the West Midlands, specifically the Coventry area, where the series had previously gained recognition for utilising local landmarks and the former Henley College campus as shooting locations. This move reflects the BBC’s dedication to diversifying its programming across different regions of the UK.

Crafted by the creative minds of Perrie Balthazar and Matt Evans, “Phoenix Rise” revolves around a group of marginalised youth who, after facing exclusion from traditional education, reintegrate into mainstream schooling. The narrative delves into their formation of unexpected bonds and their quest to navigate the intricacies of school life. The heart of the story rests on six students who regularly convene in an abandoned boiler room within their school premises, a space that transforms into their refuge.

For the forthcoming seasons, a significant portion of the original cast from the initial two series is set to reprise their roles, including the core group known as ‘the boiler room six.’ Accompanying them are fresh faces, a new ensemble of young characters who will contribute to captivating new plotlines.

Sarah Muller, Senior Head of BBC Children’s Commissioning 7+ says: “Phoenix Rise is strongly rooted in the West Midlands and so we’re delighted to see the team return to their Coventry production base. It’s a drama which is not afraid to tackle some of the difficult issues that teens face today whilst also capturing the friendships and humour of teen life.”

Perrie Balthazar and Matt Evans say: “Phoenix Rise is back! We couldn’t be more excited to return to Coventry and tell some new and ground-breaking stories for our gang of six outsiders. Expect joy, heartbreak, thrills and jokes as well as the explosive arrival of some new Phoenix Rise pupils, guaranteed to shake up the status quo.”

The imminent second series, scheduled for release on BBC iPlayer in September, picks up with the students embarking on a new term, symbolising a fresh start for characters like Billy and Rihanna, siblings navigating their way through the school dynamic. The group experiences more amusing escapades, with some members fortifying their connections and others grappling with tension. These unlikely protagonists persist in confronting formidable challenges, all the while maintaining an unyielding spirit of hope, optimism, and fun.

Series two introduces a new addition to the group, Daisy (portrayed by Eloise Pennycott), a bold and outspoken newcomer who injects a confrontational energy into the mix. Daisy, akin to her peers, harbours her own vulnerabilities beneath her tough exterior.

The masterminds behind the series, lead writers Perrie Balthazar and Matt Evans, collaborate with BBC Studios Kids & Family as producers. Tali Walters oversees the genre, and the executive production team comprises Mark Freeland, Perrie Balthazar, and Matt Evans. Alison B Matthews takes on the role of producer. The series was commissioned by Sarah Muller, the Senior Head of BBC Children’s Commissioning 7+.

While the first series of “Phoenix Rise” is already available on BBC iPlayer, the eagerly awaited second series is set to premiere this September.