The renowned BBC series “Oppenheimer,” which showcases Sam Waterston’s remarkable portrayal of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the mastermind behind the atomic bomb, can now be enjoyed as a complete boxset on iPlayer.

While audiences are currently flocking to cinemas to watch Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster epic featuring Cillian Murphy, they can also delve into the captivating perspective offered by the BBC on this brilliant and conflicted physicist.

Originally broadcast in 1980, this Bafta-winning seven-part series follows Waterston’s performance as the eminent scientist leading the weapons laboratory of the Manhattan Project, all while facing constant FBI surveillance due to his left-wing politics and association with communists. The narrative unravels his pivotal role in developing the world’s first nuclear weapons, his tense rivalry with Edward Teller, and the eventual stripping of his security clearance by the US Atomic Energy Commission in the 1950s.

Joining Waterston in the cast are John Carson, Christopher Munke, Jana Shelden, Kate Harper, and David Suchet. Sam Waterston would later become a household name in the US, achieving starring roles in popular series like Law and Order, The Newsroom, and Grace & Frankie, among others.

Each episode of “Oppenheimer” is now available for streaming on BBC iPlayer, and the series is set to air weekly on BBC Four on Saturday nights starting from August 12th. In addition, BBC iPlayer has recently included the beloved 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle, a film that is currently making waves in the box office hit “Barbie.”