A courageous ensemble of well-known personalities is gearing up to face the most daunting challenge on television, all in support of the Stand Up To Cancer initiative.

Channel 4 has enlisted the services of South Shore to create an audacious and grand-scale show titled “Don’t Look Down.” The show will trail a group of renowned celebrities as they join forces to confront an extraordinary high-wire walk, suspended 300 feet above one of London’s most iconic landmarks.

Guiding the series is Paddy McGuinness, who not only takes on the role of host but also leads a team of familiar faces. This team will undergo intensive training during a summer camp set in the picturesque Austrian Alps. The celebrities will be under the guidance of the world’s foremost high wire walking experts. Their mission: to prepare for an unparalleled feat that has yet to be ventured – completing a relay walk on a wire soaring above London, all directed by Paddy himself.

Spanning a period of six weeks, these celebrities will be coached to conquer their deepest fears. The journey will encompass a series of physically and mentally demanding exercises and challenges aimed at morphing them from complete novices into individuals capable of ascending great heights. Amidst this transformation, their emotions will run high as they rally each other as a united team, simultaneously battling their own apprehensions.

As the training culminates, the group faces their ultimate trial – a nerve-wracking, vertigo-inducing high-wire walk of epic proportions. This daring venture involves traversing a jaw-dropping 1,000 feet, suspended 300 feet above the city of London. Their mantra throughout Keep your gaze aloft!

Paddy McGuinness comments: “I’ve done all kinds of shows, but this is definitely the most nerve-racking! I’m so excited to be hosting Don’t Look Down, which is undoubtedly going to be the challenge of a lifetime for everyone involved. I can’t wait to get cracking and see whether I can lead the team to find the nerve to take on this ridiculously high and very difficult walk. They’re not going to be in for an easy ride, but it’s all for such a brilliant cause and I hope we raise loads of money for Stand Up To Cancer. I’m now off to practice on the washing line.”

“Don’t Look Down” is a series consisting of five episodes, each lasting 60 minutes, dedicated to supporting the Stand Up To Cancer cause. The visionary behind this commission is Steven Handley, the Commissioning Editor of Entertainment at Channel 4, in collaboration with Phil Harris, the Head of Entertainment and Events. Produced by South Shore, the executive producers at the helm are Melanie Leach, Andrew Mackenzie, and Caroline Davies.

Phil Harris, Head of Entertainment and Live Events at Channel 4, said: “Don’t Look Down is following in Channel 4’s tradition of boundary-pushing reality formats. It’s going to deliver everything from nerves and tears to laughs and camaraderie, cumulating in the most audacious of final stunts. We’re thrilled to be working with Paddy again as he hosts the series and leads our celebs in their sky-high challenge, all part of a hugely ambitious year of Stand Up To Cancer. This is event television not to be missed.”

Steven Handley, commissioning editor for Channel 4, said: “This is a challenge unparalleled and our celebs are going to need nerves of steel to overcome their fears and tackle the dizzying heights of Don’t Look Down. As someone who is afraid of heights myself, I’m already having anxiety dreams about the challenges involved in our Austrian training camp. I can’t wait to see how the gang work together to complete the terrifying walk and help raise vital funds for Stand Up To Cancer.”

Caroline Davies, Director of Programmes at South Shore, said: “Our super-sized high wire walk has never been attempted before. So we can’t wait to see if Paddy and our brave cast of celebrities can overcome their primal fears of heights and complete this enormous challenge, all in aid of Stand Up To Cancer.”