Channel 4 has greenlit an exciting new series led by Caroline Quentin, dedicated to showcasing the awe-inspiring beauty and diverse activities found within the UK’s National Parks on More4.

Throughout the series, Caroline will embark on captivating journeys to explore the most picturesque locations within the National Parks. Her mission is to gain insight into their functioning, what draws people to these places, and how they plan to sustain and develop for the future.

Caroline’s adventures will take her to remarkable destinations, ranging from the enchanting landscapes of Bannau Brycheiniog (formerly known as Brecon Beacons) in Wales to the ancient woodlands of the Cairngorms in Scotland, and the historically significant settlements of the Peak District in England, among other stunning National Parks.

As a former President of the Campaign for National Parks, Caroline holds a special bond with these vast natural areas. During her travels across the country in the four-part series, viewers will witness how different parks across the UK exemplify the themes of the four programs: Transport, Landscapes, Produce, and Historical Sites.

Host Caroline Quentin said: “My connection with the National Parks goes back years, so to be able to explore so many aspects of them in this new series has been wonderful. Not only do I get to visit the most beautiful places across the UK, but I also get to meet the people whose lives are shaped by living and working in the parks themselves.”

Produced by King of Sunshine Productions, a Greater Manchester-based indie, in collaboration with Group M Motion Entertainment, “The UK’s National Parks with Caroline Quentin” is a four-part 60-minute series for More4. Sohail Shah, Managing Director of King of Sunshine Productions, serves as executive producer, while Joel Orme is the Series Producer. Deep Sehgal represents Motion Entertainment as the Executive Producer. The show has been commissioned by Channel 4’s Jane Handa and Jasper Hone, Commissioning Executives for Daytime & Features, along with Jo Street, Head of Daytime & Features.

Sohail Shah, MD of King of Sunshine Productions comments: “The UK’s National Parks attract visitors from around the world. With stunning views, diverse wildlife, and their own individual histories, they truly have it all. I can’t think of a better guide than Caroline Quentin to showcase everything that the parks of England, Scotland and Wales have to offer.”

Deep Sehgal, head of Creative Diversity at Group M Motion Entertainment, comments: “We are very proud to support a diverse-led indie as they produce a show that celebrates the very best of the UK. Caroline’s personal journey is a warm and compelling celebration of the natural world on our doorstep.”

Jane Handa, Commissioning Executive for Channel 4, adds: “We’re delighted to be working with Caroline and King of Sunshine on this series, which will showcase some of the most incredible landscapes on our doorsteps, and highlight some of the fantastic sights, sounds and flavours that the UK’s National Parks have to offer.”

The UK’s National Parks with Caroline Quentin was funded by Channel 4 and Motion Entertainment’s Diverse Indies Fund. The Diverse Indies Fund was set up to support small and medium-sized ethnically diverse-led independent production companies to produce new projects. The fund is overseen by Vivienne Molokwu, senior commissioning editor at Channel 4 and Deep Sehgal, head of Creative Diversity at Motion Entertainment.