Calderdale’s local community groups are warmly encouraged to partake in a series of events throughout a month aimed at commemorating the invaluable contributions made by the elderly population.

As a demonstration of Calderdale’s dedication to maintaining its status as an Age Friendly borough, the Council is extending an invitation to voluntary and community organizations that provide assistance to individuals aged 50 and above, urging them to observe the International Day of Older Persons 2023.

This global day of awareness, established by the United Nations, is marked annually on the 1st of October.

Building upon the achievements of the previous year’s festivities, during which numerous groups hosted celebratory gatherings all over Calderdale, there will once again be an extensive month-long schedule of events, spanning from Monday, 25th September to Friday, 27th October 2023.

The Council is making available grants of up to £400 to organisations capable of arranging and promoting events that are accessible to older individuals, along with their caregivers, family members, and friends.

These events should align with Calderdale’s Ageing Well Plan, working towards fostering better connectivity among older citizens and promoting vibrant community living.

Embedded within Calderdale’s Wellbeing Strategy, the Ageing Well Plan is a pivotal component that strives to enhance health outcomes and mitigate inequalities across four crucial life stages: early development, growth, active adulthood, and graceful ageing.

The Plan concentrates on five fundamental areas:

Enhancing access to facilities, structures, and services, including digital amenities.

Augmenting awareness of and participation in community engagements, cultural activities, and artistic endeavours.

Empowering older individuals and communities to cultivate feelings of safety and belonging.

Enhancing the availability of dependable and well-connected public transportation, coupled with secure cycling and pedestrian pathways.

Elevating housing standards to cater to the requirements of older citizens, offering future-oriented options.

Cllr Tim Swift, Calderdale Council’s Deputy Leader, said; “Calderdale is a proud member of the UK network for Age Friendly Communities, and as an Age Friendly and inclusive borough, the Council and our partner organisations are committed to ensuring older residents have the support and opportunities they need to live a full, healthy and happy life.

“We’re really pleased to open our community grants scheme for the second year running, to help make Calderdale’s International Day of Older Persons celebrations the biggest and best possible.

“We hope that by attending the events, older people will make connections that will last well into the future and support their health and wellbeing.”

Last year’s grant-funded community events for International Day of Older Persons included tea dances, live entertainment, afternoon tea events, games, quizzes and the opportunity to take part in activities such as Tai Chi, art and New Age Kurling.

Shantha Rao, Artistic Director at Annapurna Indian Dance, said; “We had an amazing Indian dance, music and storytelling event last year at Dean Clough thanks to the funding we received. We celebrated the International Day of Older Persons with many talented artists and involving the community. We reached diverse audiences which we could not have reached otherwise. Thank you!”