Calderdale Council’s participation in a prestigious national climate learning program marks a significant step towards becoming a pioneering force in climate action. This initiative will propel local efforts to achieve the borough’s ambitious target of reaching net zero by 2038, with substantial progress expected by 2030.

A driving force behind the council’s climate action priorities is the establishment of the Climate Action Partnership, a collaborative effort involving various stakeholders. This partnership includes representatives from the NHS and Together Housing, local businesses, voluntary organisations, members of the borough’s Youth Council, and seven Calderdale councillors from different wards and political parties. Their collective expertise and knowledge play a crucial role in shaping ambitious climate projects and leading the way in local climate action.

In addition to fostering collaborative efforts, the Climate Action Partnership also aims to lead by example and showcase best practices. To further this mission, Cllr Scott Patient, the Chair of the Climate Partnership and the Council’s Cabinet Member for Climate Action, Active Travel, and Housing, has successfully secured a coveted spot at the UK100’s Climate Leadership Academy. This prestigious program selects only 20 councillors nationwide to participate and offers panel discussions and workshops developed by climate pioneers within local government. Furthermore, participants receive guidance and coaching from experts spanning the private, voluntary, and public sectors. The Academy’s offerings will equip Cllr Scott Patient and other participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to drive progress towards achieving their net zero goals.

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Climate Action, Active Travel and Housing, Cllr Scott Patient, said; “One of the six themes from the borough’s draft Climate Action Plan is to use our shared voice for influencing on climate action. This acknowledges that the climate emergency cannot be tackled alone and recognises the need to work together effectively, championing and planning for action.

“To support important shared discussions, I’m delighted to have been selected to join the UK100 Climate Leadership Academy and will be using the opportunity to work with climate leaders and representatives from other UK councils.

“The academy offers the opportunities to share learning and expand knowledge and skills which can be further developed at a local level through the borough’s Climate Action Partnership.”