What contributes to your well-being and happiness?

This is a question that Calderdale Council is eager to understand through a fresh survey. The goal is to enhance the provision of health and well-being support for individuals aged 16 and above residing or working within Calderdale.

Cllr Tim Swift, Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Public Health, said; “The Council, the NHS and community organisations want local people to have healthy and happy lives. This is at the heart of the Calderdale Wellbeing Strategy and the Vision 2024 for Calderdale’s ambition for everyone to live a larger life.

“We’re working together to join up community health and wellbeing services and support for adults. The aim is to help people to live well, connect people to their wider community for support to live well, and increase chances in local communities for people to stay healthy and happy.

“To do this, we want to understand what people need to have good health and well-being, and how their communities can support them. Please complete our short survey to help improve services.”

The insights gleaned from this survey will inform the strategies of the Council, NHS, and community groups, propelling them to unify their efforts towards comprehensive community well-being services. These services encompass an array of provisions, such as aiding individuals in quitting smoking, addressing loneliness, and adopting an active lifestyle. These services cater especially to those who require additional assistance in maintaining their well-being and connecting with peers facing similar circumstances.

The survey can be accessed online at www.calderdale.gov.uk/v2/council/consultation-and-feedback/integrated-health-and-well-being-support-adults-calderdale and will remain open until 5pm on Friday, August 25, 2023. Moreover, there are various avenues to voice opinions on health and well-being support, including virtual and in-person meetings and groups. Further information is available at www.calderdale.gov.uk/v2/council/consultation-and-feedback/integrated-health-and-well-being-support-adults-calderdale.