The District Crime Team (DCT) in Bradford has been established to address the increasing number of burglaries in the region. The team is composed of various ranks and roles, including a Detective Inspector who likely oversees the team’s operations, two Detective Sergeants who assist in managing the team’s efforts, and 12 Detective Constables who actively work on investigating and solving burglary cases.

Since its inception in April, the DCT has made significant progress in tackling burglary-related issues. They have managed to make 67 arrests, leading to 34 individuals being charged with crimes related to burglaries. This indicates that the team’s efforts are yielding positive results in terms of apprehending suspects and bringing them to justice.

A key aspect of the DCT’s strategy involves conducting daily reviews of each burglary that occurs within their jurisdiction. By thoroughly examining the details of each incident, the team can identify patterns or trends in the burglaries, allowing them to gain a better understanding of the criminals’ methods and potential targets. This analytical approach is crucial in devising effective strategies to prevent further burglaries.

Furthermore, the DCT collaborates closely with local neighbourhood policing teams and the intelligence unit. This collaborative effort helps pool resources and expertise, enabling the team to leverage a wider range of information and skills in addressing burglary issues. By sharing insights and intelligence, they can better identify areas with higher crime rates and target them for focused intervention.

One of the strategies employed by the DCT involves concentrating on specific problem areas. By directing their attention to these regions, they can pinpoint known suspects who might be active in those locations. This allows the team to carry out disruption visits, which are likely aimed at disrupting criminal activities, deterring potential burglars, and gathering additional information that could aid in investigations.

Overall, the creation of the District Crime Team in Bradford demonstrates a proactive and multi-faceted approach to addressing the rising number of burglaries in the district. The team’s emphasis on data analysis, collaboration with other units, and targeted interventions is likely contributing to their success in making arrests and reducing burglary rates.

Detective Chief Inspector Mark Atkinson head of the District Crime Team for Bradford District said; “We understand the profound impact being burgled can have on people lives.

“We take burglary offences seriously and in line with national guidance we attend all home burglaries.

“This dedicated team across Bradford are using intelligence as well as help from the community to build a picture of burglaries in the area and identify any patterns across them.

“There has been significant investment in projects to reduce burglary across West Yorkshire and this is the result of that in investment in Bradford District.

“We work closely with victims of burglary in the hope of reuniting them with their stolen property.

“We hope over the coming months we’ll start to see a reduction in burglary rates across the area and send a warning out to those who break into people’s homes and businesses that we are watching.”

Anyone who has been a victim of burglary or has any information or concerns across the Bradford District area is asked to contact the District Crime Team via 101 or online via