The Neighbourhood Policing team of Bradford South, in collaboration with Operation Steerside, recently conducted a comprehensive cross-agency traffic operation at Horton Bank.

Taking place on 17 August, the operation aimed to address various local concerns, predominantly focusing on driving infringements and excessive speeding.

A total of 43 traffic violations were documented, encompassing a range of transgressions such as failure to wear seatbelts, disregarding red traffic signals, using mobile phones while driving, and exceeding speed limits.

During the operation, one vehicle was impounded due to lacking valid tax, while another met the same fate due to being uninsured.

The operation was augmented by the involvement of Taxi Licensing, the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency, and the Council’s Environmental Waste team.

Inspector Tany Ditta of Bradford South’s Neighbourhood Policing Team said; “This operation was carried out thanks to information from the community. I hope this proactive operation shows we are taking their concerns seriously.

“Keeping our roads safe is a top priority for the area and operations like this prove that we are taking positive action.

“I would welcome any further intelligence from our local community through the report it options at .”