Clive Brook, a car retailer located on Canal Road in Bradford, is taking significant strides to enhance road safety by embracing cutting-edge AI (artificial intelligence) technology. The pioneering technology comes from CorrActions, an innovative AI start-up specialising in brain monitoring, poised to revolutionise driver understanding and brain activity monitoring.

By incorporating sensors into key areas of the vehicle, such as the steering wheel, CorrActions’ software is capable of monitoring micro muscle movements that directly reflect brain activity. Through this process, the software can identify cognitive anomalies, such as driver distractions, intoxication, or extreme fatigue.

This groundbreaking software promises to deepen our comprehension of the impact of human behaviour on driving, ultimately leading to safer conditions for all road users. The initiative receives support from the Volvo Cars Tech Fund, which is committed to driving transformation in the mobility sector, encompassing safety, electrification, digitisation, and accessibility. With this investment, Clive Brook Bradford is at the forefront of promoting a safer and more secure driving experience for everyone.

Mark Gooseman, General Manager at Clive Brook Bradford, said: “Here at Clive Brook Bradford, we’re passionate about making cars and the people in and around them safer, so we’re delighted to benefit from CorrAction’s incredible technology.

“We’d like to invite Bradford drivers to come along to Clive Brook Bradford and speak to our team of experts to find out more about how we and Volvo Cars are making Bradford a safer place for everyone.”

For further information about Clive Brook Bradford, visit or call 01274 802999.