ITV has revealed a fresh entertainment project led by Big Zuu, the accomplished broadcaster, artist, and TV chef with two BAFTA awards under his belt. The exciting venture titled “Big Zuu’s 12 Dishes in 12 Hours” is set to grace the screens of ITV1 and ITVX in 2024. This endeavour is a collaborative effort between Twofour and Zuu’s newly established TV production venture, Big Productions.

Known for his comedic finesse, culinary mastery, and musical talents, Big Zuu, a polymath, will helm this innovative six-episode series. The show will take both viewers and a constellation of celebrity guests on an intriguing expedition across Europe, designed to offer a genuine taste of each city’s essence through sampling its local culinary delights.

Employing a blend of humour, novelty, and a brisk tempo, Big Zuu will impart comprehensive insights to his renowned travel companions, all acquired through the act of savouring 12 distinct dishes. The scope of his instruction will be comprehensive, encompassing everything that constitutes a place, all via the avenue of taste.

The gamut of experiences will span from exploring street-side fare to unearthing emerging gastronomic trends. Through Big Zuu’s culinary perspective, audiences and illustrious guests will traverse multiple cities, embarking on a quest to uncover hidden gems, traverse food markets, indulge in local eateries, and dine at upscale restaurants. All these adventures will unveil hitherto unexplored dimensions of Europe’s most vibrant destinations.

Speaking of his new ITV series, Big Zuu said; “It’s always been a dream of mine to have my own food travelogue so I’m gassed to finally be able to announce this new show! I feel like travelling the world and eating food was the natural next step for me and the audience who have followed me since the beginning of my TV career. I’m also excited that this series is a co-pro with my own production label Big Productions and TwoFour. I’m so grateful to itv and Natalie Rose for making this happen!”

“Big Zuu’s 12 Dishes in 12 Hours” will artfully encapsulate the narrative of each city through its featured dishes, whether by delving into its cultural heritage or exploring its forward-looking culinary landscape. Both Big Zuu and his celebrity companions will become deeply immersed in the local culture, venturing off the conventional path to form bonds with natives and savour their cuisine in an authentic manner.

The journey, teeming with action from its inception to its culmination, will compel Zuu and his guests to navigate each locale within a strict timeframe, testing their taste palates. The diverse modes of travel, spanning foot, boat, tuk-tuk, and scooter, will be employed to gather a taste of 12 remarkable dishes that impeccably mirror the culture of each featured city.

“Big Zuu’s 12 Dishes in 12 Hours” emerges as a collaborative effort between Twofour, a constituent of ITV Studios, and Big Productions. The series is scheduled to air on both ITV1 and ITVX. The brainchild of Katie Rawcliffe, Head of Entertainment Commissioning at ITV, and Natalie Rose, Entertainment Commissioner at ITV, the show is skillfully guided by executive producers Dan Adamson (for Twofour) and Alex Gilman (for Big Productions), with Lucy Blatch (for Twofour) serving as the Production Executive.

Entertainment Commissioner at ITV Natalie Rose said; “It’s great to be working with Zuu, Twofour and Big Productions again, and an exciting time to bring Zuu’s infectious warmth and humour to ITV. From fine dining to mouth-watering street food, 12 Dishes combines Zuu’s love for food and travel, taking his culinary passion further than ever before- and for the first time, beyond UK shores. This really is a delightfully original and fresh format that will inform on the best places to eat abroad. Of course, entertainment, warmth and humour will be XXL.”