Patrick Brammall (known for his roles in Offspring and Glitch) and Harriet Dyer (recognised from The Invisible Man and No Activity) are set to make their return as writers, lead actors, and executive producers for the upcoming series. The show is slated to be broadcast on both BBC Two and BBC iPlayer, with production handled by Easy Tiger Productions, the same team behind hits like Jack Irish, Rake, and The Twelve. Paramount Global Content Distribution will be responsible for distributing the series internationally, excluding Australia and New Zealand.

The debut season of the show graced the screens of BBC Two and BBC iPlayer in April 2023, garnering rave reviews and amassing an average viewership of 2.2 million (according to BARB 28 Day 4 Screen measurements). The inaugural series revolved around Ashley and Gordon, a pair of somewhat single, intricate individuals whose paths intertwine due to a car accident and an injured dog. Colin From Accounts delves into the lives of these imperfect yet humorous characters, as they consciously opt for one another’s company and summon the courage to display their authentic selves, complete with their imperfections, while embarking on life’s journey side by side.

Head of Programme Acquisition Sue Deeks says: “BBC viewers have been completely charmed by this award-winning romantic comedy, and have taken Ashley, Gordon and unlikely cupid Colin to their hearts. We are so delighted that there is going to be another series of the totally engaging Colin From Accounts for us all to enjoy.”

No Activity, which also stars Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer, transmits on Thursdays at 10pm on BBC Two and all episodes are available on BBC iPlayer.