It’s great to hear that the BBC has acquired the second series of the Australian drama “The Newsreader.” The show seems to have garnered attention and recognition, boasting a talented cast including Anna Torv, Sam Reid, Daniel Gillies, and Rory Fleck Byrne, among others. Created, written, and produced by Michael Lucas and directed by Emma Freeman, the six-part series is set to air on BBC Two and iPlayer in the upcoming autumn.

The story continues from the events of the first series, focusing on the lives of Helen Norville (played by Anna Torv) and Dale Jennings (played by Sam Reid), who are now known as ‘The Golden Couple of News’. While they appear successful and romantic to the outside world, the truth behind their facade is more intricate. Dale has become a reliable co-anchor to Helen, impressing the new CEO Charlie Tate (played by Daniel Gillies), who has his own vision for the news style he wants to establish. Helen’s dedication to hard-hitting interviews clashes with the CEO’s plans for the program, leading to conflicts.

Set in 1987, the second series will navigate through various global events, including stock market fluctuations and Australia’s preparations for its Bicentennial year. The characters, particularly Helen and Dale, grapple with their personal aspirations and whether they can reconcile those aspirations with their relationship.

Returning actors from the first series, including Robert Taylor, Stephen Peacocke, William McInnes, and others, are joined by newcomers such as Daniel Gillies and Rory Fleck Byrne. The acquisition of the series by the BBC marks the continuation of a story that was well-received by audiences. The show is produced by Werner Film Productions, in association with eOne, and was acquired from Entertainment One (eOne). The executive producers include Joanna Werner, Stuart Menzies, and Emma Freeman.

Sue Deeks, the Head of Programme Acquisition for the BBC, expressed excitement about bringing back the “News at Six” team and observing how Helen and Dale navigate both their personal lives and the challenges of covering major news events in 1987. The first series of “The Newsreader” is already available for streaming on BBC iPlayer.