The authorities are currently conducting an investigation into two instances of disturbances that occurred in the Undercliffe region of Bradford the previous week. An additional arrest has been made in connection with these incidents.

A 29-year-old man has been taken into custody by the police under suspicion of engaging in violent disorder. Meanwhile, two individuals, aged 19 and 29, who were apprehended in relation to the same incidents last week, have been released on bail as further inquiries are conducted.

The ongoing investigation is being carried out by the Bradford Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

The events unfolded on the evening of Wednesday, August 2nd, around 8:50 PM. Multiple reports were received by the police regarding an incident on Hustler Street/Quaker Street, where a Shogun vehicle was reported to have intentionally collided with another vehicle. Subsequently, the occupants of the Shogun were alleged to have physically assaulted the driver of the other vehicle. The assaulted individual sustained injuries to his leg and was transported to a hospital; fortunately, these injuries are not considered life-threatening.

Another incident of disorder occurred the following night, on August 3rd. Reports were made to the police about a group of males engaged in a fight on Beech Grove in Undercliffe. Upon arrival, law enforcement managed to disperse the crowd and discovered several weapons at the scene.