The Met Office has issued a yellow warning of rain for Sunday, 23rd July 2023, affecting parts of northern England and North Wales. The warning is valid from midnight on Sunday until 11:59 PM the same day. Residents and travellers in the affected regions are advised to take necessary precautions as heavy rainfall is expected, which may lead to potential disruptions.

Forecasters predict that periods of rain, heavy at times, will sweep across northern England and parts of North Wales throughout Sunday. The expected rainfall is fairly widespread, with most areas likely to receive around 20-30 mm of rain. However, some regions, especially those over high ground, could experience higher accumulations of 50-70 mm.

The continuous rainfall following a wet Saturday could result in spray and areas of standing water on roads, making journeys longer and potentially hazardous. Both bus and train services are likely to be affected, with journey times expected to be extended. As such, commuters are advised to plan their travel accordingly and allow for extra time to reach their destinations safely.

Outdoor events scheduled for Sunday may also face disruptions due to the persistent rain. Event organisers and attendees should be prepared for the adverse weather conditions, which could impact the smooth running of these activities.

The Met Office has emphasised that the rain is expected to gradually ease and move southwards during Sunday night, but this may still lead to additional challenges for late-night travellers or those attending evening events.

The public is urged to stay informed about the weather updates and any official advisories from local authorities. It is essential to remain vigilant during adverse weather conditions and take all necessary precautions to ensure personal safety and minimise potential risks.

As the situation unfolds, it is advisable to follow updates from the Met Office and stay connected with reliable news sources to receive the latest information on the weather conditions in your area.

Remember to check on vulnerable members of the community during adverse weather, and if you encounter any emergencies or incidents related to the rain, please contact the appropriate authorities immediately.

Stay safe, stay informed, and be prepared for the wet weather on Sunday.