The eagerly anticipated second series of World on Fire has unveiled its first full trailer, offering viewers a glimpse into the gripping narrative set during World War Two. Produced by Mammoth Screen for the BBC and MASTERPIECE, the six new episodes, written by Peter Bowker, Rachel Bennette, and Matt Jones, promise to deliver a powerful account of ordinary individuals caught up in the chaos of war.

The story unfolds with Royal Air Force (RAF) pilots embarking on perilous missions to eliminate German bombers lurking above Manchester, while below them, rescue operations race against time on the city’s streets. The harrowing realities of war have finally reached British soil, leaving an indelible mark on the nation.

World on Fire series two ventures beyond Britain’s borders, transporting audiences to occupied France, Nazi Germany, and the vast deserts of North Africa. Amidst this backdrop, British troops find themselves grappling with a different breed of warfare, joined by Indian Sappers and Australian Diggers, all striving to adapt to the challenging circumstances.

Reprising their roles from the previous series are talented actors including Lesley Manville as Robina, Jonah Hauer-King as Harry, Julia Brown as Lois, and Zofia Wichlacz as Kasia. The returning cast is further enriched with Blake Harrison as Stan, Eugénie Derouand as Henriette, Eryk Biedunkiewicz as Jan, and Cel Spellman as Joe.

Joining the World on Fire ensemble for series two are Mark Bonnar as Sir James Danemere, Ahad Raza Mir as Rajib, Gregg Sulkin as David, and Miriam Schiweck as Marga, each bringing their own unique contributions to the riveting storyline.

For those eager to catch up or relive the initial series, World on Fire is available for streaming on BBC iPlayer. The highly anticipated second series is set to launch on both BBC One and iPlayer, with the premiere episode scheduled for Sunday, 16 July.

The BBC has commissioned World on Fire as a Mammoth Screen production co-produced with MASTERPIECE.

Peter Bowker, Rachel Bennette, and Matt Jones lend their creative talents as creators and writers, while Amanda Black and Angie Daniell serve as producers.

The directing team consists of Drew Casson, Barney Cokeliss, and Meenu Gaur.

Executive producers include Peter Bowker, Sheena Bucktowonsing, Damien Timmer, Charlotte Webber, and Helen Ziegler from Mammoth Screen, in association with ITV Studios. Lucy Richer oversees the series as executive producer for the BBC, alongside Susanne Simpson and Rebecca Eaton for MASTERPIECE.

Mammoth Screen operates under the ITV Studios umbrella, with support from Northern Ireland Screen. ITV Studios will handle international distribution of the series.