BBC Scotland is set to present a captivating and awe-inspiring new series that will highlight the magnificent wildlife, habitats, and landscapes of Scotland. Titled “Scotland The New Wild,” the three-part series promises an intimate yet comprehensive portrayal of Scotland’s diverse and unique wildlife, capturing never-before-filmed behaviours and sharing stories of rare species facing uncertain futures. Each episode will delve into a different region, exploring the Islands, the Lowlands, and the Highlands.

Throughout the series, viewers will be taken on a journey through various habitats, ranging from the majestic Caledonian forest in the Highlands to the enchanting machair of the Western Isles, and even unexpected urban surprises. Notable highlights include intense battles between grey seal bulls on the remote Monach Isles, the awe-inspiring Red deer rutting on the Isle of Rum, and the mesmerizing sight of peregrine falcons soaring through Edinburgh’s skies. There will also be heartwarming moments, such as young fox cubs taking their first steps along the Water of Leith and Glasgwegian water voles making their homes away from water.

Additionally, the series will showcase astonishing footage from the treetops of Scots pine canopies, where Wood ants carefully “farm” aphids, and underwater spectacles featuring basking sharks feasting on plankton blooms off the coast.

Produced over a span of three years, “Scotland The New Wild” is a collaboration between Glasgow-based Maramedia and co-production partners Terra Mater Studios, Skyland Productions, and Doclights/NDR Naturfilm. The series will make its UK debut on the BBC Scotland channel and is also scheduled for broadcasting in Austria and Germany, with plans for further international screenings.

Maramedia has a stellar track record of producing acclaimed series for BBC Scotland, including “Highlands: Scotland’s Wild Heart,” “Stormborn,” “Wild Shetland,” and “Hebrides: Islands on the Edge.” With its stunning visuals and compelling narratives, “Scotland The New Wild” is poised to captivate audiences worldwide while shedding light on the challenges that Scotland’s natural world faces amidst the growing awareness of climate change and biodiversity crises.

BBC Scotland Commissioning Editor David Harron says: “We are delighted to be showcasing this series which will focus on Scotland’s natural history treasures on an epic scale, highlighting the challenges and changes faced by the wildlife with whom we share the country.

“Scotland’s wildlife and terrain is a magical mixture which delights viewers and we are delighted to have worked again on this series with Maramedia who we have commissioned over the years to create a string of beautiful programmes.”

Jackie Savery of Maramedia, says: “We are delighted to be working with BBC Scotland again and are very proud to present Scotland The New Wild. The series is a true celebration of the stunning and special wildlife of Scotland as well as highlighting the very current issues affecting them. The team here at Maramedia – working closely with scientists and conservationists – have managed to capture some fascinating and rare behaviour of the wildlife of the nation. We hope it will inspire viewers to engage with our very special natural heritage.”

The stunning beauty of Scotland’s wildlife has been filmed by acclaimed wildlife filmmaker Fergus Gill. Narrated by up-and-coming Scottish actor Thoren Ferguson, the series will have a specially composed soundtrack by award-winning Glasgow-based composer Fraser Purdie. Further details of its contents will be released closer to transmission in the autumn on the BBC Scotland channel.