In a recent operation carried out on the motorway network, the police in West Yorkshire stopped more than 80 drivers, who were subsequently dealt with for a staggering 87 offences. The initiative, known as Operation Tramline, took place from 19 to 23 June and involved the use of an unmarked Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) unit.

During the operation, the police captured alarming instances of reckless driving on video. Offences ranged from drivers using mobile phones while behind the wheel to failure to wear seatbelts, speeding, and various other dangerous driving practices. Additionally, several drivers were addressed for document-related issues and problems with their vehicles’ conditions.

Sergeant Ryan Burt, a member of West Yorkshire Police’s Roads Policing Unit, expressed his concern over the persistently high number of drivers who disregard the safety of themselves and others on the road. Despite media warnings and the occurrence of serious road traffic accidents, some motorists continue to engage in moving road traffic offences on the motorways.

“We have further operations planned this year to ensure that the roads are safe and drivers feel safe using the roads within West Yorkshire,” Sergeant Burt emphasised, hinting at upcoming efforts to curb dangerous driving behaviour.

Operation Tramline, a collaborative endeavour between the police and National Highways, employs an inconspicuous HGV tractor unit for monitoring purposes on the motorway network. By utilising video evidence, law enforcement officers are able to capture and identify individuals who commit moving road traffic offences while driving or being in control of vehicles on the motorways.

The operation’s primary objective is to improve road safety and deter drivers from engaging in hazardous practices. By actively patrolling the motorway network and targeting motorists who violate traffic regulations, Operation Tramline aims to make a substantial impact on reducing road accidents and fostering a safer driving environment.

With ongoing initiatives such as Operation Tramline, West Yorkshire Police and National Highways remain committed to creating a safer and more secure road network, ensuring the protection of all road users in the region.