In a shocking and gruesome incident that has captivated the nation, a 74-year-old man was mercilessly shot through the chest with a crossbow while innocently attending to his satellite dish on a calm spring night. The chilling murder of retired lecturer Gerald Corrigan has left the community in disbelief and garnered comparisons to a “medieval style execution.” Now, a gripping podcast series titled “The Crossbow Killer” aims to delve into the perplexing circumstances surrounding this heinous crime, exploring the motives behind the act and unearthing a web of intrigue and dark secrets.

With its initial two episodes now available, “The Crossbow Killer” is a captivating production by Meic Parry, who not only produces but also presents the series. Adding to the podcast’s allure is the narration by Tim Hinman, known for his work on acclaimed podcasts such as “The Nobody Zone” and “Cold Front.” The hauntingly beautiful musical compositions accompanying the episodes are the creations of Mark Roberts, a former member of the renowned Welsh band Catatonia and Y Cyrff. Additionally, the series features a collection of specially commissioned poems by Rhys Iorwerth, one of Wales’ esteemed Chaired Bards.

Producer and presenter Meic Parry reflects on the eerie nature of the story, stating, “When I started looking into the story, the first thing that jumped out at me was the landscape.

“It happened in such a remote place. And then there were a set of characters that were somehow connected but we didn’t know how. It was weird and just got weirder. Pretty soon I realised that I was closer to the story than I could have imagined. Rather than looking for the story it felt as if the story was looking for me.”

“The Crossbow Killer” takes a deep dive into the life and untimely death of Gerald Corrigan, a mild-mannered pensioner who, seemingly without any enemies or connections to criminal activity, fell victim to this gruesome murder. The podcast aims to unravel the complex tapestry of events leading up to the fateful night, exploring the possibility of a convoluted culture of double-crossing, extortion, horse-napping, and financial greed that may have played a role in his tragic fate.

Radio Wales Commissioner Bridget Curnow says: “The podcast gets to the heart of this complex and compelling story by telling it through the voices of those closest to the tragedy – not least the daughter of the victim, whose powerful testimony throws new light on these events.”

As the nation eagerly tunes in to “The Crossbow Killer,” listeners brace themselves for a chilling exploration of the circumstances surrounding Gerald Corrigan’s murder. With its gripping narrative and powerful insights, the podcast promises to shed light on the dark corners of this shocking crime and leave audiences questioning the true nature of humanity.

“The Crossbow Killer” is available on popular podcast platforms, inviting armchair detectives to uncover the truth behind this baffling case.