In a heartwarming gesture to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the National Health Service, the talented and acclaimed actor Tom Hardy is making a triumphant return to screens, captivating the nation’s children once again with a brand new bedtime story. On Wednesday, 5th July, viewers will be treated to a soothing rendition of “Zog and the Flying Doctors” written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler.

Known for his captivating performances in major blockbusters, Tom Hardy will swap action-packed roles for the enchanting world of children’s literature, narrating the adventurous tale of “Zog and the Flying Doctors.” The story revolves around Princess Pearl, the courageous Sir Gadabout, and their trusty ‘air ambulance,’ Zog the friendly dragon. Together, they embark on a thrilling journey as they fly around, providing aid and comfort to a sunburnt mermaid, a distressed unicorn, and a sneezy lion.

The highly-anticipated reading on CBeebies Bedtime Stories marks Tom Hardy’s return to the popular children’s program since his initial appearance on New Year’s Eve in 2016. Since then, his captivating storytelling has taken the hearts of millions, with an astounding two million streams of CBeebies Bedtime Stories recorded on BBC iPlayer*.

This delightful story session is only the beginning, as Tom Hardy has generously recorded six new stories for CBeebies, ensuring that young viewers will have an abundance of captivating tales to ease them into dreamland. The recordings were lovingly made in the actor’s own garden, where he was joined by his adorable French bulldog, Blue, adding an extra touch of warmth to the enchanting storytelling experience.

Parents and children alike can tune in each weekday at 6.50 pm on CBeebies and BBC iPlayer to catch the magical CBeebies Bedtime Story with Tom Hardy. Prepare to be whisked away on an adventure filled with imagination and wonder, as the award-winning actor crafts a world of dreams and excitement, soothing young minds and settling them peacefully to sleep.

Don’t miss this heartwarming opportunity to share a magical bedtime moment with your little ones, as Tom Hardy’s charismatic storytelling brings “Zog and the Flying Doctors” and other captivating tales to life on CBeebies.