To ensure the success of these garden communities and deliver high-quality developments, there is a forthcoming opportunity for public participation. The community members will have the chance to express their views on the design aspects of these communities, which will influence the planning application process for each site.

On August 7, 2023, Cabinet Members will consider the approval of a four-week public consultation on the Garden Communities Masterplan Supplementary Planning Documents and the Design Code Supplementary Planning Documents for both Woodhouse and Thornhills.

These garden communities have undergone extensive consultation during the preparation of the Local Plan, and further scrutiny was carried out through the independent Planning Inspector’s examination.

Once developed, the garden communities will contribute significantly to Calderdale’s overall housing needs as outlined in the Local Plan. The housing mix in each community will cater to various household sizes, with a focus on affordable homes and features to support age- and disabled-friendly living environments.

Each community will also have the advantage of a new primary school and ample green spaces, including parks, hedgerows, and community growing areas. Additionally, cycle tracks and footways will promote active travel among the residents.

The development in these garden communities will be carried out with great respect for the surrounding heritage. Moreover, a strong emphasis will be placed on taking climate action, such as eliminating gas boilers in homes, implementing natural drainage systems to enhance flood resilience, and establishing mobility hubs equipped with cycle parking, bus stops, and charging points for e-bikes and mobility scooters.

Both Woodhouse and Thornhills will have community facilities to cater to residents’ needs. Woodhouse will include a local grocery store, café, and community hall, while Thornhills will feature a farm shop, café, community hall, and nursery.

Cllr Jane Scullion, Calderdale Council’s Leader, said; “A phenomenal amount of hard work has gone into drafting these Supplementary Planning Documents, in partnership with local landowners and developers. They do a great job of setting out how our garden communities need to be designed and built to achieve the Council’s priorities for thriving towns and places, reduced inequalities and climate action.

“Ultimately the documents will help to create a real sense of place and somewhere that people of all ages and backgrounds can live a healthy, happy and successful life.”

Construction work on both sites will take place in phases over a number of years, with an expected start date of 2024 and estimated completion in 2034 for Woodhouse and 2039 for Thornhills.

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet meeting is on Monday 7 August at Halifax Town Hall from 3pm. The meeting can also be viewed online at