Excitement is building as the first full trailer for The Sixth Commandment, a captivating four-part true crime drama, has been unveiled. Set to premiere on BBC One and iPlayer on Monday, 17th July, this enthralling series promises to deliver a gripping narrative that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats.

The Sixth Commandment delves into the complex and perplexing world of crime as it follows the tale of Peter Farquhar (Timothy Spall), an inspirational teacher, and Ben Field (Éanna Hardwicke), a charismatic student. Their meeting sets the stage for one of the most baffling criminal cases in recent memory. The drama also shines a spotlight on the suspicions surrounding Field’s relationship with Ann Moore-Martin (Anne Reid), Peter’s deeply religious neighbour, which unveils a series of bone-chilling revelations.

Unraveling the intricate web of manipulation spun by Field, The Sixth Commandment showcases the harrowing experience of gaslighting endured by both Peter and Ann. It delves into the intense police investigation and the subsequent high-profile trial, all while poignantly shedding light on the profound impact of isolation and loneliness, which allowed Field to close in on his victims. The series also pays tribute to the cherished roles Peter and Ann played as mentors, beloved relatives, and dear friends.

The Sixth Commandment boasts an exceptional creative team behind it. The script is penned by the acclaimed Sarah Phelps (known for A Very British Scandal and The Pale Horse), while Saul Dibb (renowned for The Salisbury Poisonings and NW) expertly directs. The production is a collaboration between Wild Mercury Productions (a Banijay UK Company) and True Vision Productions, known for their commitment to delivering compelling narratives. The distinguished cast includes Timothy Spall (renowned for Mr. Turner and Spencer), Anne Reid (notable for Last Tango in Halifax, Sanditon, and Dinnerladies), Éanna Hardwicke (known for Lakelands and Normal People), Annabel Scholey (from The Split and The Salisbury Poisonings), Sheila Hancock (recognized for Unforgotten, A Discovery of Witches, and Great Canal Journeys), Ben Bailey Smith (from The Split and Andor), Conor MacNeill (featured in Industry), Adrian Rawlins (known for Baptiste and Chernobyl), and Amanda Root (renowned for Summerland and Unforgotten).

The Sixth Commandment is a joint venture between Wild Mercury and True Vision, produced by Frances du Pille (noted for The Outlaws and The Watch). Executive producers include Sarah Phelps, Saul Dibb, and Derek Wax representing Wild Mercury Productions, Brian Woods representing True Vision Productions, and Lucy Richer representing the BBC. The international distribution is handled by Banijay Rights.

The production of The Sixth Commandment has been carried out in close collaboration with the families of Peter Farquhar and Ann Moore-Martin, ensuring their input and support. Episode one is set to captivate viewers on BBC One on Monday, 17th July, with episode two airing the following day. Episodes three and four will be broadcasted the subsequent Monday and Tuesday. For those who prefer to indulge in a binge-watching session, all episodes will be available on iPlayer.

The countdown to the premiere of The Sixth Commandment has begun, promising a thrilling and thought-provoking journey into the depths of true crime.