Dewsbury Neighbourhood Policing Team has initiated measures to ensure safer roads during the summer season by taking action against uninsured cars and addressing unsafe vehicles.

In collaboration with various agencies, including the Roads Policing Team, Kirklees Taxi Licensing, DVLA, and DVSA, a multi-agency day of action was conducted in the Ravensthorpe area on Friday, July 21. Numerous vehicles and taxis were subjected to thorough inspections.

As a result of these checks, one motorist had their car seized due to lack of insurance, and two other drivers received Fixed Penalty Notices for engaging in anti-social driving behaviour and driving vehicles with worn-out tires.

Moreover, the DVLA reported seventeen drivers for using misrepresented number plates. In addition to private vehicles, the operation extended to 40 taxis that were examined by Kirklees Taxi Licensing. Of these, ten taxis were issued rectification notices for various offences, including inadequate maintenance of lights, absence of a fire extinguisher, and the need for new door signs. These collective efforts aim to make the roads in Dewsbury safer for everyone this summer.

Inspector Liz Lockwood of the Dewsbury NPT, said: “Officers had a really positive reaction from local residents they’ve spoken to in the operation with most drivers acknowledging the importance of our safety checks.

“We do of course carry out road safety activity day in and day out on our roads in Kirklees but days like these are an excellent opportunity for us to focus resources on the issue.

“I want to thank all our partners and our colleagues at the roads policing unit for all their support.”

She added: “We always encourage anyone who has concerns about a particular roads-related issue in their community, such as speeding or poor parking, to contact their local neighbourhood policing team. All reports are looked into and allow us to plan future activity.”