Prepare for a thrilling adventure this summer as Holmfirth, the quaint rural town in Kirklees, unveils its captivating family tiger trail. Tales of an extraordinary and gentle tiger named Fenella, a legendary resident of the town during the 1940s, have become the stuff of local folklore.

Fenella the Holmfirth Tiger shared her life with the Overend family, capturing the hearts of the townsfolk who often spotted her strolling through the streets with her devoted owners. To honour this remarkable piece of local history, Holmfirth Library is cordially inviting visitors to embark on a journey that traces Fenella’s pawprints through the picturesque town.

The eagerly-awaited trail will make its grand debut on Saturday, 22 July, commencing at 11 am and concluding at 3 pm, right from the doorstep of Holmfirth Library. All participants will be provided with a detailed map to aid their exploration. Suitable for individuals of all ages, including families with children, this delightful adventure guarantees an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Expect the walk to last between 1 to 2 hours, meandering through the charming landscapes and historical landmarks that once witnessed Fenella’s presence. The trail promises a delightful blend of history, enchantment, and fun, making it an ideal summer activity for families seeking a memorable holiday outing.

And that’s not all – the excitement continues beyond the trail! The day will be filled with various engaging activities to keep the spirits high. Children can revel in a special Storytime session featuring enthralling tiger tales and songs, sure to spark their imaginations. Additionally, little artists can unleash their creativity at the free tiger craft activities and face painting stalls, adding a touch of vibrancy to the celebrations.

The highlight of the event is the highly anticipated guest appearance by a member of the Overend family, who will share captivating anecdotes about their time with the lovable Fenella. As an extra treat, visitors will have the unique opportunity to view film footage of the extraordinary tiger throughout the day, immersing themselves in the wondrous history of Holmfirth.

So, mark your calendars for this unforgettable experience and make your way to Holmfirth Library on 22 July to embark on the extraordinary Family Tiger Trail. Be part of this heartwarming celebration of local history, tales, and the enduring bond between a town and its tamed tiger!

Councillor Paul Davies, Cabinet Member for Corporate Services, said; “The adventures of Fenella the Tiger often echo across the Holme Valleys and beyond, it is an incredible piece of local history. It is great that this family trail has been developed so we can continue to celebrate Fenella’s residency in Holmfirth with the next generation.

“Offering free activities like this where people of all ages can get together, explore and have a “roaringly” good time as the school holidays approach is just fantastic. I would encourage people to come along and learn the true, magical story of how Fenella became a well-known figure in Holmfirth and take part in some fun activities.”

Fenella lived a quiet life amongst the town’s residents making it her home for 10 happy years before sadly passing away with the family by her side.

The family trail is part of wider activities to attract tourism to Holmfirth and is free to attend. No booking is required.