The highly anticipated Pontefract Liquorice Festival is set to make a triumphant comeback this Sunday, July 9th, offering a delightful celebration of Pontefract’s rich history with liquorice. As a beloved family event, the festival has something to delight visitors of all ages, and this year, it will feature the renowned food and drink market that fans have come to adore.

The festival provides an excellent opportunity for residents and visitors alike to explore the charming town of Pontefract while enjoying the mouthwatering liquorice-themed treats available across various venues. From independent bars and restaurants to cozy cafes, the town will be bustling with exciting options to satisfy even the most discerning taste buds.

Councillor Michelle Collins, Wakefield Council’s Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure and Sport, expressed her excitement for the upcoming festivities. “Pontefract Liquorice Festival is a fantastic day out for the whole family to enjoy, as we come together to celebrate our town’s unique connection with liquorice,” she said. “In addition to the diverse range of entertainment and vibrant market stalls, visitors can explore the local independent businesses, offering an array of treats with a liquorice twist. I, for one, am eagerly looking forward to sampling them myself.”

The festival is organised in collaboration with the Pontefract Civic Society, which will also host ‘Liquorice Shoots’ on Saturday, July 8th. This community warm-up event will feature entertainment, artisan stalls, and engaging family activities to set the stage for the main festival.

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Indulge in Liquorice Delights at Participating Venues

As part of the festival’s attractions, several venues in Pontefract will offer mouthwatering liquorice-infused creations. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Cryer & Stott Cheesemongers: Discover the unique combination of Yorkshire cheddar infused with Pontefract’s famous liquorice.
  • The Old Grocers: Enjoy a full-bodied, flavoured liquorice stout brewed in partnership with Altofts-based Tarn 51 brewery.
  • Blondies Brewhouse & Bakes: Indulge in a twist on the classic Victoria sandwich, featuring liquorice jam and liquorice buttercream sandwiched between two vanilla sponges, all topped with more liquorice.
  • The Hideaway: Delight your taste buds with a luscious liquorice cheesecake, expertly crafted by the talented team, along with a specially created liquorice cocktail.
  • Cartners No 5: Experience a range of liquorice-inspired libations, including liquorice rum, liquorice gin, and a blackcurrant and liquorice stout. The bar will also offer a selection of delectable liquorice-themed snacks.
  • The Mad Ox: Enjoy a specially crafted cocktail infused with the distinct flavours of liquorice, accompanied by complimentary liquorice sweets.
  • Farmer Copleys: Explore a tantalizing array of liquorice treats, including pork and liquorice sausage, liquorice-topped pork pies, liquorice cheese, honey and liquorice gelato, and liquorice and blackcurrant gelato. The venue also stocks a variety of liquorice products, such as tea, stout, jam, and more.
  • Cromwells Restaurant: Savor the unique flavours of a beef and liquorice stout pie served with liquorice gravy, followed by a decadent liquorice cream pudding. Additionally, indulge in ginger beer with blackcurrant and liquorice cordial, liquorice stout, and liquorice and mint herbal tea.
  • Myxology: Unleash your taste buds with specially crafted cocktails, including “The Liquorice Allsort” made with Black Sambuca and Strawberry Sourz, “The Liquorice Martini” featuring the perfect blend of Vodka and Ouzo, and the refreshing “Raspberry Liquorice Lace Cocktail” infused with Raspberry Sourz, Ouzo, and topped with soda water.
  • House of Ales: Immerse yourself in the locally brewed Pontefract Liquorice Stout, a unique offering exclusive to this venue.
  • Jollys: Indulge in an assortment of liquorice delights, ranging from liquorice-flavored tea to delectable cakes.
  • Tooth & Tiger: Treat yourself to a delectable liquorice and chocolate muffin and indulge in the tantalizing liquorice allsort cocktail.
  • The Last Bank: Sip on a signature liquorice allsort cocktail, specially crafted to complement the festival atmosphere.
  • The Printers Draft: Discover a range of irresistible liquorice cocktails, including a speciality liquorice beer, all while enjoying some sweet treats.
  • The Castle Coffee Shop: Satiate your cravings with an array of delectable liquorice goodies, expertly prepared to satisfy every sweet tooth.

The Pontefract Liquorice Festival promises to be a memorable experience for all attendees, offering a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the town’s rich liquorice heritage while enjoying a delightful array of sweet-themed delights. Don’t miss out on this charming celebration of all things liquorice in Pontefract.