Leeds District Police has deployed plain clothes police officers to patrol Roundhay Park as part of an ongoing investigation into multiple reports of indecent exposure incidents. Authorities are urging witnesses to promptly report any instances of such behaviour by calling 999, as extensive efforts continue to probe recent flashing incidents in the area.

The Leeds District Safeguarding team and the North East Leeds Neighbourhood Policing Team are diligently investigating several cases of indecent exposure that have been targeted against women walking in Roundhay Park over the past few weeks. In response, police officers in plain clothes have been discreetly patrolling the park to identify potential suspects. Additionally, highly visible officers from the Neighbourhood Policing Team have commenced patrols on electric bikes to cover a greater area when deployed in the park.

Concurrently, officers are conducting local inquiries with residents and collaborating with experts to develop a comprehensive understanding of the offender’s behavioural patterns. Despite the alarming nature of these incidents, no injuries have been reported thus far.

Detective Chief Inspector Sarah Lambert of Leeds District Police assured the public that extensive inquiries are ongoing to apprehend the suspects involved. To reassure residents and monitor the parkland for potential suspects, police officers in plain clothes are conducting patrols at various times and locations. Drones have also been employed to aid in the investigation.

DCI Lambert emphasised the serious nature of such behaviour, stating, “It must be stressed that while no one has been hurt we do take reports of such behaviour very seriously indeed.  Reducing offending against women and females remains a key concern for West Yorkshire Police and we recognise the very negative impact being a victim of exposure can have on a victim.”

She further urged victims of indecent exposure to immediately contact the police via the emergency line at 999. This would enable officers to respond promptly and prioritise their presence in the area, increasing the likelihood of swift arrests. She also encouraged the use of the What3Words App, if available, to provide precise location details to aid in the police response.

Authorities are appealing to anyone with information regarding indecent exposure incidents in Roundhay Park to contact the Leeds North East Neighbourhood Policing Team at 101. Similarly, victims of indecent exposure are urged to contact emergency services at 999 as soon as possible.