Temporary measures to enhance stop and search powers have been implemented in East Leeds as a preventive measure against serious violence and to uphold community safety. The decision was made by senior officers at West Yorkshire Police Leeds District, who have authorised the use of Section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994. This measure aims to detect and discourage the carrying of offensive weapons in the designated areas, namely Osmondthorpe, Burmantofts, Richmond Hill, Harehills, and Gipton.

The authorisation was put into effect at 3 pm and initially lasts for 24 hours. However, it will be subject to regular reviews to determine its continued necessity. Under this provision, police officers are granted the authority to conduct searches of individuals and vehicles for offensive weapons or dangerous instruments without requiring the usual grounds of suspicion for each person searched.

The decision to implement these measures was prompted by an incident in the Burmantofts area, where an aggravated burglary was reported earlier in the day, around 2 pm. To further safeguard the community and prevent any potential escalation of violence, officers are intensifying their patrols and visibility in the affected areas.

Maintaining the trust and confidence of the community is of utmost importance to the police, and they are actively engaging with key community representatives, including the district’s Independent Advisory Group, to ensure transparency, appropriate scrutiny, and accountability in the use of this additional power.