Two captivating sports documentary series, “Boot Dreams: Now or Never” and “Ballers: Ball or Nothing,” are set to air on BBC Three this Summer. These shows promise an exclusive glimpse into the world of professional sports in the UK.

“Boot Dreams: Now or Never” follows the journeys of a group of aspiring football players, aged 18 to 26, who have been rejected by top football clubs in Britain. Despite facing setbacks, they refuse to give up on their dreams of becoming professional players. The series documents their experiences at a unique training camp, where they receive comprehensive support to improve both their on-field skills and personal struggles. Presenter Roman Kemp, who once dreamed of becoming a professional player himself, connects with the athletes to delve deeper into their stories. Along the way, the players receive valuable guidance from renowned mentors like football legends Bruno Fernandes, Millie Bright, Anton Ferdinand, Adebayo Akinfenwa, and football freestyler Liv Cooke.

Produced by Expectation, “Boot Dreams: Now or Never” consists of six episodes, each lasting 60 minutes. BBC Three and BBC iPlayer will broadcast the series.

On the other hand, “Ballers: Ball or Nothing,” an eight-part documentary series by Renowned Films, focuses on Scotland’s only professional basketball team, initially known as The Glasgow Rocks. After a change in ownership, the team is rebranded as the Caledonia Gladiators. Comprising a mix of Scottish talent and American imports, the team is determined to break their 20-year dry spell without winning any major titles. The new owners invest in improved travel arrangements, players, and even a new stadium, raising expectations for the team to achieve the seemingly impossible and secure a trophy.

“Ballers: Ball or Nothing” spans eight episodes, with each episode having a duration of 30 minutes. The series will premiere on BBC Scotland and later be made available on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer.

Both documentaries were commissioned by BBC Three and feature compelling narratives that shed light on the challenges, aspirations, and determination of athletes striving to make their mark in professional sports. Further broadcast details for both series will be announced at a later date.

Nasfim Haque, Head of Content for BBC Three says: “Playing professional sport for young people is a dream for many and these two series follow the challenges and dedication of what it takes to make it and we are looking forward to showcasing these unique stories on BBC Three.”