Nadia Parkes, known for her roles in “The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself” and “Domina,” has been cast as the lead in the upcoming factual drama “Kidnapped.” The six-part series, based on the true story of Chloe Ayling, a British model who was abducted in Italy in 2017, promises to shed light on the emotional truth behind the headlines.

Written by Georgia Lester, renowned for her work on “Killing Eve” and “Skins,” “Kidnapped” (working title) draws from extensive research, detailed interviews, documented legal proceedings, and Chloe’s own book, also titled “Kidnapped.” This compelling series will provide a comprehensive account of Chloe’s harrowing experience, delving into her abduction, her extraordinary bravery and resilience during captivity, and the subsequent court case that brought her kidnappers to justice.

Chloe Ayling’s story gained notoriety when she found herself facing accusations of staging her own kidnapping. Despite the convictions of her captors, she became the center of a media storm. The series aims to explore why Chloe was unjustly blamed for the crimes committed against her. It raises important questions about our perception of crime survivors who find themselves thrust into the public eye and challenges the credibility of ordinary individuals caught up in extraordinary events.

Joining Nadia Parkes in the cast are Adrian Edmondson, known for his roles in “Rain Dogs” and “A Spy Among Friends,” Nigel Lindsay from “The Capture” and “The Salisbury Poisonings,” Olive Gray from “Halo” and “Rose,” Eleanor Romandini from “The White Lotus” and “Il Nostro Generale,” Julian Swiezewski from “The Passing Bells” and “Krucjata,” and Christine Tremarco from “The Responder” and “Casualty.” Additional casting announcements will be made in the near future.

Expressing her enthusiasm for the project, Nadia Parkes stated, “This is a timely and important story about how we perceive trauma in the media. I feel honoured to be playing Chloe and to be a part of this adaptation for the BBC.”

Michael Parke, Executive Producer for BBC Studios, expressed delight at having Nadia Parkes portray Chloe Ayling, praising her dedication to thorough research and her commitment to bringing Chloe’s story to the screen, emphasising the importance of portraying the truth.

Fiona Campbell, Controller of Youth Audience, BBC iPlayer, and BBC Three, also expressed her satisfaction with the progress of the series and the selection of Nadia Parkes in the lead role, along with the impressive ensemble cast.

“Kidnapped” (working title) is a BBC Studios production in collaboration with Chloe Ayling and will consist of six 30-minute episodes. The drama will be aired on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer. The series is written by Georgia Lester and directed by Al Mackay, known for “Without Sin” and “COBRA.” Clare Shepherd, the producer of “Viewpoint” and “The A Word,” is in charge of production. The executive producers include Priscilla Parish, Michael Parke, and Andrew Morrissey for BBC Studios, with Lucy Richer serving as executive producer for the BBC alongside Georgia Lester.

The filming of “Kidnapped” is taking place in Italy and the UK, with full cooperation from Chloe Ayling. Further casting details will be announced at a later date. The international distribution of the series will be handled by BBC Studios.