Bradford-based Morrisons, one of Britain’s leading supermarket chains, is set to make history by introducing a range of entry-level products in its convenience stores across the UK. This move, believed to be the first of its kind in the country, aims to provide affordable options for customers in need.

Dubbed “Savers,” these products will be available in over 500 Morrisons Daily stores, priced the same as they are in Morrisons supermarkets. The rollout will commence with ten initial products, including essentials like washing up liquid, toilet rolls, and sausages. In the weeks to come, approximately 30 additional items will be introduced, encompassing key necessities such as eggs, ham, juice, butter, cheese, and mince.

In a bid to further assist customers, Morrisons will also reduce the prices of 18 high-volume products in its Morrisons Daily stores, starting today. This includes both 2 and 4 pint milk, bread, and tomatoes.

Last year, Morrisons acquired the McColl’s convenience business, which had gone into administration. Since then, they have successfully transformed around 500 locations into Morrisons Daily stores. As part of this transition, in-store prices have been lowered by approximately 12%, aligning with the comprehensive range of convenience offerings provided by Morrisons.

Speaking about this initiative, David Potts, the Chief Executive of Morrisons, stated, “Inflation is stubbornly high and the cost of living is showing no signs of reducing. Speaking plainly, the reason that convenience stores don’t stock entry price point products is because they make very little, if any, money and do not fit with the significantly higher cost structure of convenience stores. But customers – especially those living in areas without easy access to a supermarket – have told us how much they would appreciate it at this difficult time and so we are doing it.”

“Our Savers range is incredibly popular in our supermarkets and offers outstanding value and good quality. Recent research has shown that Savers is the UK’s fastest-growing value range and we are proud to be the first major UK supermarket to introduce some key products from the range into convenience stores all over the country. “

“The 500 stores that will stock the range are mostly wholly-owned Morrisons stores but a number of franchise partners have kindly agreed to stock Savers products. I want to thank those partners for agreeing to this move and to acknowledge that they are doing so because they want to play their full part in helping people through the cost of living crisis.”

Morrisons recently relaunched its Savers range, unveiling 56 new products and redesigning the packaging to enhance the shopping experience for customers seeking affordable, high-quality food. The expanded Morrisons Savers range now encompasses a total of 217 products, ranging from essential pantry items like bread and rice to freezer fillers such as chicken fillets and mince.