In a thrilling new TV series, “Millionaire Hoarders,” 141 Productions and Channel 4 have joined forces to explore the extraordinary world of passionate collectors across Britain. Behind the doors of homes scattered across the nation, lie astonishing hoards of potential treasures, accumulated and curated by their devoted owners. As the experts delve into these treasure troves, the burning question remains: will a valuable item amongst their collections unlock a life-changing sum of money?

The captivating series spans three episodes, each lasting 60 minutes, where four seasoned experts in the world of antiques and collectables take centre stage. Guided by their wealth of experience, keen eyes, and extensive contacts, Clive Downham, an esteemed Antiques Dealer, Paula Sutton, a connoisseur of Vintage Fashion and Interiors, Rachel Fox, a knowledgeable High-end Pawnbroker, and Ronnie Archer-Morgan, a master of Collectables & Curiosities, are on a quest to sift through homes packed to the brim with hidden gems.

The team embarks on a journey through every nook and cranny of these homes, unearthing forgotten possessions and revealing the untold stories behind each cherished item. For the owners, parting with these beloved treasures could mean accessing the vital funds they desperately need in challenging times. But can these fanatical collectors bear to say farewell to their most prized possessions?

With expert eyes combing through the eclectic collections, viewers can anticipate heartwarming and intriguing tales of how these items came into the owners’ possession. From generations-old antiques to rare fashion pieces and captivating curiosities, the diversity of items is bound to keep audiences enthralled.

The series promises high-stakes and emotional moments as the experts uncover hidden gems that could potentially fetch life-changing sums of cash. For the owners, it becomes a delicate balancing act of holding onto their precious keepsakes and realising the potential financial windfall that awaits them.

As each episode unfolds, the drama builds, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting the final revelation – which hoard will deliver the goods, and which owners will walk away with newfound wealth?

Hannah Brownhill, Joint Creative Director of 141 Productions, said, “There’s nothing more exciting than unearthing treasure…especially when it’s found somewhere completely unexpected. Our experts have loved digging through collections in homes that range from one bed studios to family castles. We’ve met some fascinating people and uncovered some incredible finds.”

Anna Miralis, Senior Commissioning Editor for Channel 4 Factual added,. “Everyone dreams of finding hidden treasure that could potentially change their lives. Our team of experts have an extraordinary wealth of experience and offer up the exciting opportunity to make that a reality.”

Millionaire Hoarders was commissioned for Channel 4 by Anna Miralis, Senior Commissioning Editor Factual. It is executive produced by Bella Newnham and Hannah Brownhill for 141 Productions. The series will be distributed by All3Media International.