Two men have been accused of manslaughter in relation to the tragic death of a 64-year-old woman following an attempted robbery at her residence in Leeds.

Nhi Muoi Wai, aged 64, was pronounced deceased at the hospital after collapsing during the incident at her home in Millside Walk, Morley, on Tuesday, March 28, earlier this year.

Detectives from West Yorkshire Police Homicide and Major Enquiry Team conducted a thorough investigation into the incident.

Samuel Hanrahan, aged 20, and Jerry Hanrahan, aged 18, were both charged in April with attempted robbery in connection to the event.

After consulting with the Crown Prosecution Service, manslaughter charges were additionally brought against both defendants at Leeds Crown Court today.

Jerry Hanrahan had previously pleaded guilty to the attempted robbery, and today, Samuel Hanrahan also entered a guilty plea for that offence. However, no pleas were entered in relation to the manslaughter charges.

The two men are scheduled to appear in court next on September 7.