Mark Hughes expressed optimism following his team’s 1-1 draw against Hull City at the University of Bradford Stadium yesterday. As the Bantams’ manager, he found the performance of his players to be encouraging, especially when compared to their previous game.

Hughes commended his team’s approach to the match and noticed a significant improvement in their overall play. He was particularly impressed with their ball control and adaptability, especially considering the numerous changes made during the second half. The players demonstrated resilience and a cohesive understanding of the game plan, which left the manager satisfied with their efforts.

“We enjoyed it; it was good run out,” Hughes said.

“We played really well. The things we talked about and worked on after our midweek game at Bolton, we improved upon.

“In the first 20 minutes, I thought we were really good. We played in their half, something we want to do this season.

“Overall, we were very good. We made a lot of changes in the second half, but the team kept their shape and kept the same commitment.

“They are starting to show the signs that they are enjoying themselves, which is very encouraging.”

According to the City chief, the new players have seamlessly integrated into the squad, showcasing not only their skills on the pitch but also their commitment to the team’s vision.

Mark Hughes expressed contentment with the players’ physical readiness as the Bantams’ pre-season progresses. He eagerly anticipates the upcoming challenge against Middlesbrough at the University of Bradford Stadium on Wednesday night.

“The new lads have been really easy to integrate,” he added.

“They have got the respect of the group on their abilities alone. With them being good lads and wanting to be a part of what we are doing makes it easier.

“Every time we play, we are trying to get another notch on the belt. We will always improve our fitness the more games we play. I am happy with where we are at.

“From now, some players will have more, some will have less. We may flip the minutes – the lads who had more today may have less in midweek.

“We have another good quality game to play on Wednesday. Everyone needs to be ready to start and to finish the season.”