Recent data reveals that Manningham Housing Association has made significant strides in its digital engagement with customers, project partners, and the general public over the past 12 months.

The association’s annual report on digital and communications, compiled by Carolina Padovezi de Oliveira, the Corporate Project Manager at Manningham Housing Association, demonstrates a notable increase in interactions across various social media platforms.

The number of individuals following the association’s posts on Twitter has experienced a healthy growth of 16.92% since July of the previous year, while Facebook followers have risen by nearly 23%, and the count of LinkedIn followers has witnessed an even more impressive surge of 25.93%.

Additionally, the availability of a growing collection of video content on Manningham Housing Association’s YouTube channel has resulted in remarkable growth in viewership figures, exceeding 229%.

Furthermore, the past year has witnessed a greater utilisation of bespoke digital platforms, such as the MyMHA portal, which is now used by over two-thirds of the association’s households, compared to just a third in July last year.

A continuous update of Manningham Housing Association’s internal communications has also yielded positive outcomes. These efforts include the introduction of a new internal newsletter and the implementation of the internal social network Yammer, aiming to enhance staff engagement, foster the sharing of ideas, and further improve an already positive working environment.

As the first housing association in the country to officially receive accreditation for promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion, Manningham Housing Association has been recognized with several accolades in the past year. These include the British Standards Institution Users Award for Sustainability, the Northern Housing Team of the Year Award, the Northern Housing Tenant of the Year Award, and the West and North Yorkshire Chamber Equality Trailblazer Award.

Furthermore, in the previous month, Salma Khatun, a member of the Manningham Housing Association Tenant Panel, was honoured with the Tenant of the Year title at the Housing Heroes Awards.

Lee Bloomfield, Manningham Housing Association Chief Executive, said; “We have many good stories to tell and we are keen to share them as far and wide as possible.

“The major improvements in the quality, impact and reach of our communications operations – internally and externally – have brought significant benefits.

“These efforts were especially important during the pandemic and, having ramped up these activities, we are committed not only to maintain but to increase them in the months and years ahead.

“Special credit must go to Carolina who has been the driving force behind this work, including all our social media activities.”

Carolina Padovezi de Oliveira, Manningham Housing Association Corporate Project Manager, said; “Manningham Housing Association is all about positivity and moving with the times for the benefit of our customers.

“I am so pleased that the efforts we have made to improve our communications have broadened interest in what we do and how we do it.

“Looking ahead, we intend to build on the strong foundations now created by further improving our digital offering and staying even more closely connected with our tenants, staff and partners.”

Barrington Billings, Manningham Housing Association Chair, said; “The association has a well-earned reputation for punching well above our weight. This report is just the latest example of that.