Laura Whitmore, renowned journalist and television presenter, is set to take viewers on a thought-provoking journey through a series of immersive investigative films for ITVX. In this highly-anticipated new series, Whitmore will utilise her formidable journalism skills to shed light on a range of highly-charged and controversial issues, providing new insights and revelations along the way.

Traversing the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States, Whitmore’s mission is to illuminate dark and troubling subjects that often go unexplored. The series tackles three distinct but interconnected topics: the culture of “incels,” rough sex, and cyberstalking.

In one episode, Whitmore fearlessly dives into the concept of “toxic masculinity” within society, with a specific focus on the dark sub-culture known as “incels.” These predominantly male-dominated online communities harbour misogynistic mindsets, where alienated individuals struggling to engage with women share their anti-female sentiments. The series uncovers the disturbing nature of these communities and their real-world impact, including high-profile atrocities such as mass shootings perpetrated by disaffected men seeking “vengeance.” Through revealing interviews, Whitmore travels to both the United States and the United Kingdom to meet young men immersed in this culture, as well as professionals determined to identify its underlying causes and assess the dangers posed by incels.

Another episode shines a light on the evolving attitudes towards sex in Britain, particularly the growing popularity of BDSM and the increasing experimentation with rough sex, including the act of choking. Whitmore embarks on a quest to explore the darker side of what is often seen as adventurous or harmless fun. She investigates the influence of pornography on these practices and examines the rise of the so-called “50 Shades” defence, wherein individuals accused of murdering their sexual partners claim the death was a result of rough sex gone wrong. The series features emotionally charged interviews with victims and their families, alongside expert insights into the dangers associated with rough sex.

As cyberstalking incidents rise exponentially, Whitmore dedicates another episode to understanding the motivations behind this crime and the methods employed by stalkers. Crucially, she investigates measures individuals can take to protect themselves. Through compelling interviews, Whitmore brings to the forefront the profound impact that online stalking and harassment have on victims’ lives. Additionally, she visits a cutting-edge business in Europe at the forefront of technological advancements aimed at combating this pervasive issue.

Expressing her enthusiasm for the series, Laura Whitmore remarked, “This series shines a light on a range of issues, which along with the contributors, victims and experts involved, we hope will resonate with viewers and help us to understand their dangers, complexities and consider possible resolutions. It’s been an intense, eye-opening and at times emotional experience and one that I’m incredibly proud of. Thank you to Rumpus, Zig Zag Productions and ITV Factual for working with me on it.”

The thought-provoking series, titled “Laura Whitmore Investigates,” has been commissioned for ITV by Jo Clinton-Davis, Controller of Factual, and Sue Murphy, Head of Factual Entertainment. Clinton-Davis said; “Each of these issues is uniquely disturbing and dark, particularly because they feel like peculiarly 21st century threats emerging from or aggravated by our online world. Laura Whitmore’s willingness to delve into these areas and meet people at all levels whose lives are caught up in or have been devastatingly impacted by incel culture, rough sex and cyber stalking allows us to gain an insight into how each operates, how they affect us and what we can do to combat them.”

The “incels” and cyber stalking episodes are produced by Rumpus Media, with Fintan Maguire serving as the Executive Producer. The rough sex episode is produced by Zig Zag, with Matt Graff, Danny Fenton, and Andy Scott as Executive Producers. Laura Whitmore herself also holds the role of Associate Producer for the series.

All three captivating episodes of “Laura Whitmore Investigates” are set to premiere on ITVX in late July, promising to spark important discussions and raise awareness about these pressing societal issues.