Kirklees Council, in collaboration with Kirklees College and C+K Careers, proudly announces the successful conclusion of the fourth year of their Pre-Apprenticeship Programme (PAP). This groundbreaking initiative has proved to be a beacon of hope for the youth and unemployed residents of Kirklees, offering a pathway to brighter futures.

The Pre-Apprenticeship Programme, which runs for a minimum of six months, was specially designed to support 16- to 18-year-old council tenants and their family members who find themselves unemployed or lacking the necessary skills and qualifications to secure apprenticeships. However, the program’s inclusive nature extends to a wider audience, welcoming all residents of Kirklees to participate.

At the core of the PAP lies its mission to equip learners with valuable life skills, bolster their confidence, and provide them with crucial work experience. These elements collectively enhance the participants’ employability and propel them closer to their envisioned careers. To achieve this, the program offers up to six weeks of real work experience within the council’s property services or with affiliated contractors. Alongside hands-on training, participants also engage in vocational learning, receive pastoral support, and partake in enrichment activities. Furthermore, they undergo training in essential subjects like English and Maths, while also honing their employability skills.

The Pre-Apprenticeship Programme has experienced overwhelming interest, with over 60 expressions of interest in the past year. Ten dedicated participants have completed the program, each with notable achievements worth celebrating.

Among these accomplishments, twelve participants successfully earned their IOSH Certificate, showcasing their commitment to workplace health and safety. Additionally, four participants have taken the initiative to apply for additional accredited courses, further enhancing their skill sets and qualifications.

The significance of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) Green Card cannot be overstated, and five participants have already passed the first stage of this certification, opening doors to numerous opportunities in the construction industry.

Moreover, three program graduates secured coveted apprenticeships, two within the council and one externally. These placements serve as vital stepping stones towards future career success.

It is equally heartening to witness six participants securing part-time or full-time employment, with these positions lasting for at least 13 weeks. This substantial achievement marks a turning point in their journey towards stable and fulfilling employment.

Another crucial aspect of career development is crafting an effective CV, and fourteen participants have completed theirs, empowering them to present their skills and experiences to potential employers confidently.

As the Pre-Apprenticeship Programme continues to nurture young minds and transform lives, Kirklees Council, Kirklees College, and C+K Careers remain steadfast in their commitment to fostering an empowered and skilled workforce for the betterment of the community and the nation at large.

Tyler Beaumont, a PAP graduate, who will be starting as an Apprentice Technical Assistant at Kirklees Council, said; “The Pre-Apprenticeship Programme has helped me in so many ways. It’s boosted my confidence and improved the way I interact with people. Thanks to the programme, I’ve now managed to secure an apprenticeship with the council starting in September! I’ve made new friends and gained loads of knowledge about the trade and customer service.”

Liam Griffin, a PAP graduate, who will be starting as an Apprentice Joiner at Kirklees Council, said; “The Pre-Apprenticeship Programme has helped me in many ways. From meeting new people and making me a more confident and open person, to improving my grades, gaining practical skills, and allowing me to try all the trades I’m interested in. I would highly recommend the Pre-Apprenticeship Programme to anyone.”

Councillor Cathy Scott, Cabinet Member for Housing and Democracy, said; “We are incredibly proud of our participants’ progress and the Pre-Apprenticeship Programme’s success. This is a great stepping stone for young people in Kirklees, providing them with the foundation to confidently navigate the world of work. I look forward to seeing what our participants do next.”