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Kirklees Council has launched a new campaign entitled ‘Skip Don’t Tip’ aimed at warning individuals against fly-tipping and educating them on how to report such incidents.

The campaign aims to inform people about the proper methods of reporting fly-tipping and disposing of waste appropriately. It encourages the hiring of skips, arranging bulky waste collections, or seeking reputable waste disposal companies.

Fly-tipping remains a persistent issue within our district, incurring an annual cost of approximately £200,000 for resolution.

In 2022, the district received a total of 3,456 fly-tipping reports.

Councillor Jack Hemingway, Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change, stated, “Fly-tipping is not only costly to remove, but it is unsightly and can be dangerous to residents and wildlife.”

“Tackling fly-tipping is a priority for us and we have a range of enforcement powers at our disposal, including CCTV, spot checks, and working with other agencies.

“We want to make people aware that they have a legal responsibility to ensure they are using a licensed waste carrier to dispose of their waste and give people the correct information on how they can do that safely and legally.”

Householders may face fines of up to £250 if they hand over their waste to unlicensed carriers that subsequently engage in fly-tipping activities.

The Council holds the authority to prosecute individuals caught engaging in illegal fly-tipping, with potential consequences including fines of up to £50,000, vehicle confiscation, or even imprisonment.