In a major step towards environmental sustainability, Gordon Rhodes Ltd, a renowned gourmet food manufacturer, has announced a significant change to the packaging of its popular sauce and stuffing products. The company has replaced the inner sachets of its range with a new material that is both recyclable at home and environmentally friendly.

The decision came after rigorous trials and tests aimed at striking a balance between preserving product quality and shelf life while minimising the ecological impact. Gordon Rhodes Ltd confirmed that the new sachets are now made from 100% PP film, a widely recycled material, allowing consumers to conveniently place the packaging in their regular kerbside collection recycling bins. This move is expected to contribute significantly to reducing plastic waste.

Moreover, to further enhance the sustainability aspect, the company has also reduced the physical size of the recyclable sachets while maintaining the same product quantity. This strategic move effectively reduces the overall usage of plastic packaging material.

This recent shift marks Gordon Rhodes Ltd’s continued commitment to adopt eco-friendly practices and promote responsible waste management. By embracing more sustainable packaging alternatives, the company aims to empower consumers to actively participate in recycling efforts and divert waste away from landfills, thereby reducing the overall environmental footprint.

With this leap towards a greener future, the gourmet food manufacturer has signalled its intent to keep striving for improvement in environmental responsibility. Gordon Rhodes Ltd has expressed its determination to take further steps in the direction of becoming a net-zero company, aligning itself with the broader global movement towards sustainability and combating climate change.

Industry experts have lauded Gordon Rhodes Ltd’s efforts as a positive example of corporate responsibility and hope that other businesses will follow suit, contributing to a healthier and more sustainable planet.

As the company embarks on this transformative journey, consumers can now enjoy their favourite gourmet sauces and stuffings with the added satisfaction of knowing they are contributing to a cleaner and greener world.

Jonathan Batchelor, Brand Manager at Gordon Rhodes, commented: “We are constantly reviewing the materials we use in our production process to improve the sustainability of a product and reduce our impact on the environment. For Gordon Rhodes, the challenge was finding a recyclable solution which offered an adequate level of barrier properties to protect the product during its shelf life. The chosen solution does exactly that, whilst making it easy for the consumer to recycle at the end of life.”

The new sachet material will be rolled out across its entire range over the coming months.